What these real women want for Christmas 2023

It’s back… a bit later than usual (busy schedule, family wedding)  but here’s the real guide to what real women want for Christmas.



One of the founding contributors to this long series, Andrea’s star continues to rise. Her latest book “No one saw a thing” was a big hit and she’s signed a new book deal. I knew her when she worked an office job like me. I love Andrea’s lists and I usually end up adding her items to mine too. Follow Andrea here.

MoMuse earrings 

My friend Amanda Cassidy bought me a beautiful pair of MoMuse earrings earlier this year, which is how I first heard of the shop. Designed by Margaret O’Rourke, the pieces are really beautiful and you can choose from gold-filled, 9kt or 18kt. Prices start at around €65. The shop is in Powerscourt Townhouse in Dublin but everything is available to order online too, and comes beautifully packaged with a handwritten note. I love these gold-filled earrings but actually I love pretty much everything on the website. 

And speaking of Amanda Cassidy who enabled my MoMuse habit – if you’re looking for a book for Christmas, I highly recommend her book, The Returned, for your own wish list or someone else’s stocking.  

Hourglass Jellyfish palette

My sisters bought me some Hourglass products a couple of years ago and I was smitten. Am I just buying into the hype? Maybe. But I love the Ambient palette, I love the blush, I love the bronzer, and now I want the one that combines all the best stuff – the Jellyfish palette. It’s sold out all over the place and it’s very, very expensive at around €90 depending on where you shop, but a girl can dream.

Books – The Sentence by Christina Dalcher.

Or failing that, Notes on an Execution by Danya Kukafka or Everything’s Fine by Cecelia Rabess– I’ve basically raided one of my go-to Bookstagram accounts (@booksinaline) for ideas, and Christmas isn’t Christmas without a few books under the tree. 

Cloud Cream by Sculpted by Aimee

Cloud cream looks so pretty in its packaging, the reviews are good, I’m a huge admirer of founder Aimee Connolly, and I’ve just run out of moisturiser, so this is on the list.

Santal 33 by Le Labo

I’ve spent a year thinking about buying a La Labo perfume but they’re pricey and I haven’t committed. I did however invest in a discovery set, which has tiny bottles of three perfumes and I’ve fallen in love with all of them, plus the two samples the salesperson included. Santa, if you’re listening, the one I really, really want is Santal 33.


 Learner Mama – Lucy O’Connor – Lucy has been contributing to this post since the very beginning too, she’s a great woman for home organisation and I love following her holidays on instagram, follow Lucy here.

Hard to believe Christmas is approaching once again. 2023 seems to have been the fastest year on record. I am finding it hard to think of things I want for Christmas when there seems to be so much suffering and conflict in the world. World Peace would be top of my request list if I thought asking for it would achieve it. I am just truly grateful for everything I have right now and be blessed to live in a safe peaceful country. That said if someone really wants to buy me a gift for Christmas I would not say no to one of the following:


I’ve asked for this before but I always run low by the end of the year. I bought myself a bottle of Elle by Emporio Armani earlier in the year but it has literally just run out so a fresh bottle or even a different bottle, love a JPG too, would be very well received as it is something I can use on a day to day basis.

Marc Jacobs Tote Bag

I am not massively into handbags and after my sister sadly passed away I inherited a number of great quality handbags but for some reason I would really love the Marc Jacobs Tote bag. A friend has a canvas one and I would love one too – probably just in black or beige to go with every outfit. I feel it would be a real practical bag that I would just throw everything into.

 Sonic cleaning brush

I had a massive desire to get a wet vac. I found a Tineco one and it was on special during Black Friday so I just bought it. It’s amazing. I since found out my husband was thinking of getting it for me for Christmas so I kind of ruined that for him. In the cleaning equipment gift ideas I would also love a Sonic scrubber such as this one.


Finally, I always love a voucher. There is always so much happening and so much ‘stuff’ at Christmas that I love to have a voucher to enjoy later in the year when things have calmed down. Literally anything – a beauty treatment, a restaurant, cinema, travel, shopping – literally anything at all!


Eva sort of ended up volunteering herself for this post as she was so helpful when I asked for suggestions for a teenager gift guide on instagram and when she gave me a few mum ideas too I knew she was exactly what was needed here!   We know each other years as our husbands were work colleagues and we even accidentally holidayed together one year. She’s a mum of three with some great taste in gifts 

Voucher for Optica on Dawson Street

I could buy this entire place out… their frames/ eyewear just make my heart sing. Deirdre designs their own Wolfhound brand and has branched out with some more colourful frames. I have to wear glasses full time & can’t wear contacts but when I put their frames on I automatically feel good about myself. A fabulous Irish brand.

Socks from Polly & Andy

Originally bought a few pairs for my son Sam who is autistic & is very choosy about what goes in his feet but fell in love with them myself. Gorgeous Irish brand run by the fabulous Polly in Waterford. Love the story behind it all & the best socks bar none in my opinion. A few pairs of Polly & Andy’s under the tree for me will make me very happy @pollyandandy

Isabel Marant Belt

Would adore this belt to elevate skirts, jeans, dresses. It’s reversible so can be either tan or black so a two for one deal which is fantastic in my opinion

Book tokens / Kindle Tokens

Never happier with an over flowing TBR list whether it is on my Kindle or books beside my bed! Getting vouchers for books in whatever shape or form give me tingles all over every single time I receive them. They are just the most precious things and I agonise over what books I am going to use them on over the course of the year. In my opinion the best gifts hands down!

L’occitane shea butter hand & foot cream. A staple in my house. I can’t do perfumed creams etc so this cream works wonders to keep my hands & feet soft & protected particularly during the winter without any heavy scent. Ditto to their almond shower oil! Just so luxurious to put on in the shower each morning. Bonus points for their re-usable tin canisters so you can buy refills. Teenage daughter keeps robbing mine so there’s always a fight for it in our house!

Mella’s vanilla fudge

There’s always loads of chocolate around Christmas with selection boxes & tins of things from clients and what have you but I hate chocolate (I know I’m weird!). I adore Mella’s Vanilla fudge… totally plain, nothing added. It’s just gorgeous. And nobody touches it. I can make a box last ages as it is really rich & buttery so I love to see it under the tree. Hand’s off everyone this is mama’s fudge!


I am a fiend for a colourful pair of kicks, particularly Nikes, so if a pair of these appeared neatly wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning I would be very happy!

A fancy glass!  

I’m not really a drinker & I see all the posts on insta of ‘everyone’ sitting down with their fancy glass of wine or their gin & tonic… I’d love a fancy glass/tumbler with a nice heavy bottom to it to have a Coke Zero with lots of ice & a slice of lemon in it come Friday evening to mark the start of the weekend! That was something I put on my wish list! Probably a tumbler used for a vodka & tonic I suspect but it is a little bug bear of mine that when you go out & order a mineral you are given a crappy child’s glass.  


One of my mindfulness / me time activities is building Lego (total child I know!) so if Lego’s new modular building arrived as a combo present from everyone you wouldn’t see me for dust!


Aoife’s picks


I live in my Converse hi-tops and would love a new pair in either red, pink or white (not the platform ones, I’ll leave those to the teenagers).
I’m an avid reader and one of my favourite books this year was The Caretaker by Ron Rash. I’d love a copy of his short story collection Nothing Gold Can Stay
I spend lots of time in my car and so a Rituals car scent to keep it smelling nice and fresh (and not of football boots!) would be most welcome
I love a dangly earring and wear a pair every day. This pair from Irish designer Culu Design would make me very happy 🙂
My travel mug has seen better days, so I’d love this new one from Bodum
And finally, a voucher for Monart never goes astray 😉

And finally… me! 
I realised recently that my hairdryer is old and heavy. I asked on instagram and the most recommended was a Lanai Blo. They claim to dry really fast, they come in gorgeous colours and it’s an Irish company, happy days.
I’d love a Sculpted by Aimee gift set, her makeup is my favourite I always treat myself on Black Friday and this Marc Jacobs perfume has been haunting me for a while but I’ve yet to purchase.
I’ve never had airpods and I’ve decided that now is the time that I need them. I don’t listen to a lot of music but I have really been enjoying audiobooks lately so these will be great to listen on the go.
I love jewellery, particularly earrings. My sisters have introduced me to One Dame Lane and they really have a gorgeous collection. Locally new store Lu and Mol have a really lovely selection in store and available online
A good book- there are two things it’s not Christmas without – a good book and nice pjs. The elastic is gone in the waist of  2 pairs of my past Christmas gift pjs so they need replacing. Book wise, anything that Andrea or Aoife recommend would be good, and I still haven’t read Strange Sally Diamond by Liz Nugent so there’s an idea straight off. Pjs wise you can’t really go wrong with the cotton ones from next.
The gift of travel or tickets to anything is always very much appreciated too! 
Hope someone takes some gift inspiration from this, and let’s see if I decide next year that it’s still a good idea to try and put the post together! 

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