Cycling the South East Greenway – New Ross to Glenmore

New Ross Greenway/The South East Greenway.

This new section of Greenway only opened a few weeks ago, going from New Ross to Glenmore. We started in New Ross, on the Kilkenny side of town and cycled just over 6km, as far as was opened

There is a new Greenway car park in Rosbercon where you can directly access the Greenway and there’s no charge.

Once you join the Greenway from the carpark you go through safety gates to cross roads, the busier ones have traffic lighted pedestrian crossings.

Initially the landscape is industrial, going past the docks and factories, then you see the river and the countryside across Wexford and Kilkenny.

There are lots of sites to see, we loved going over and under the bridges. There are art installations to spot too.

Only 6 km of the Greenway from Rosbercon to Glenmore is open as of yet (August 2023) we did the 12km round trip at a slow pace in 1hr 15 mins. This includes chain mishaps and photo stops.

I was really impressed with the finish on the roadway and the fact that there were so many seats along the way.

Pack up the bikes and go visit!

Practical Bits:

There are toilets at Gala on the Waterford Road at there, roughly 1km from carpark.

There’s no bike hire available yet but repairs and Coffee can be had at nearby Barrow Bikes.

There’s a sign for nearby coffee at the Glenmore end.

It was busier closer to New Ross with walkers, very few cyclists yet.

Lovely artwork and sculptures along the way

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