What these real women want for Christmas 2022

It’s that time of year- the one where I pester my pals to share what they want for  Christmas and I turn it into a blogpost filled with inspiration, and in reality I end up wanting loads of the stuff too.

I know that there are husbands, children, friends and extended family eagerly awaiting this post so let’s go.

To read previous What Real Women Want blogpost dating the whole way back to 2014 click here  (Presuming I have found time to check that I have tagged them all already!) 



I know, I’m so casual, I knew Andrea Mara, amazing author before she had published any of her books. She’s gone from being a good bloggy pal and excellent dinnermate to a bestselling author, my favourite. Her 2022 book, a Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller Hide and Seek is a perfect Christmas present, buy it here. Here’s Andrea’s wishlist,


A Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk hamper

The other day, I mentioned to my husband that Alexa had tried to tell me about daily deals and that I’d shut her down. ‘But what if the deals were amazing?’ he asked. 

‘I don’t care,’ I said loftily, ‘I’m not here to be advertised to.’

A few minutes later, Alexa piped up. ‘Here is yesterday’s daily deal: a Charlotte Tilbury hamper that normally retails at £375 for just £25.’

I nearly collapsed. I wondered where I could get a time machine. And for at least three seconds, I believed it was true. And then I remembered that my husband can use an app on his phone to make Alexa say whatever he wants. But now the idea is in my head. So, on my wishlist this year, I’d love a ridiculously expensive Charlotte Tilbury hamper for £25 please and thank you. 

Art by Emily Rainsford

Emily is a blogger pal from back when I first started blogging, in 2013. She has moved on to focus on art, and I already have one of her beautiful paintings framed on my living room wall. She’s selling more artwork this Christmas, and I’ve ordered one from her Instagram page, but if anyone wanted to surprise me with another one, I’d be only delighted! 

A sparkly dress

The shops are full of sparkle and the bars are full of sparkle – a response to two years of cancelled plans and staying home? I don’t know, but I want my wardrobe full of sparkle too. 

I love this Sosander dress – it’s sold out but I’m holding out for a Christmas miracle. 

Mary K jewellery

I’ve been buying Mary K jewellery (Mary is a local Irish designer) for years now, mostly from Halo, a gorgeous shop in Glasthule in Dublin. I buy a piece to mark each book publication but my next book isn’t out until next summer so in the meantime, this triple oval chain is on my wish list.

Other People We Married by Emma Straub

Is it even Christmas if you don’t get a book?


Sinéad -Tired Mammy Bookclub

A new contributor this year, Sinead is  Ireland’s intsta bookclub queen, follow her on @tiredmammybookclub. It’s more than just a book club though, it’s a supportive community who help each other out and share experiences.

Here’s what Sinéad would like for Christmas. 


For me, Christmas starts when I first hear Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas, so here’s what I want for Christmas this year! I always want things I wouldn’t buy for myself, nothing too big, just some nice things. 

 I’ve been looking out for a nice pair of gold studs for a while, and I love these – classic yet contemporary. 

A couple of years ago I got a John Ryan ceramic mug as a self-gift, and this year I’ve asked my Mum to get me a milk jug and sugar bowl.Hopefully I’ll start a collection!

I’m a big fan of a Christmas candle, and we have so many gorgeous Irish candle makers. I love D8 candles and this is their limited edition Christmas candle. –

Between Covid and having small children I haven’t been to many dance / theatre productions in the last few years. I’m hoping to get out a bit more often in 2023 and CoisCéim shows always leave you feeling exhilarated. They also operate Pay What You Can ticket options to make it accessible; recommended price: €23. Tickets here 

You can’t go wrong with a gift voucher for an independent bookshop, and Kennys have a fantastic range, from clothbound classics to preorders and special editions, and they offer free delivery in Ireland.



Another author, and another old school blogger friend from the 20-teens. Sadhbh writes beautiful children’s Irish Language  books like Geansaí Otto.

I’ve been in a terrible habit of buying cheap boots that look chunky and hard-wearing but end up falling apart after one season of muddy walks. So this year I would love a pair of tried and tested Blundies that are pricey but will last for years.

I love Belfast based jewellers Lines and Current. Especially their necklaces. We had a bereavement in the family this year and this particular necklace would make a perfect memorial piece as the person was a bird lover. 

Last year I used some Christmas money to buy myself a 14-Day Manicure Kit. I have had a lot of fun playing with it and having fresh shellac nails anytime I want. (It’s paid for itself ten times over at this stage!) I’ll never be a professional nail technician but I’m slowly getting less messy and I would love a few new nail polish colours to add to my collection. I have my eye on the neon and the glitter polishes especially – they’d certainly brighten up the dull winter days ahead! 




Lucy, Learner Mama, has been contributing to these lists since the beginning too, I love following her adventures with her tween and teens, she’s a great woman to plan an adventure. Follow her on instagram.

I’ve lost track of how many years now I have done this post with Sinead but even though my blogging is well and truly on the back burner right now, I always enjoy this post as I do very well for Christmas out of it! My husband actually asked me am I doing it this year, as he likes to be ‘inspired’ before he starts my present shopping. This year is very tough for so many people so my overall wish for Christmas is for there to be some sort of relief for those struggling, particularly those who are suffering in war torn countries but if you really want to buy me a gift I have a couple of things I would not say no to!

White Towelling Robe

This was on my list last year and I dropped massive hints for my birthday earlier this year – when I say massive hints I told my oldest daughter I’d like one but she totally forgot so I’m still hoping! I just love the luxury of chilling out after a nice bath or shower in a towelling white robe – its makes me feel like I’m in a luxury hotel. My current one is very much not luxury hotel and more sandpaper towelling. They are available in the likes of Arnotts, M&S and H&M. Link

 The Head Plan Journal

It was suggested to me earlier this year that journalling would be a good way to help me through my grief after my Mum and sister’s deaths. The Head Plan Journal was the one suggested to me.  I follow Denise on Instagram and I think the products look lovely. I have a drawer full of lovely notebooks but I’m always a sucker for a good notebook or journal!  Productivity and Wellness Journal – The Head Plan


I never say no to a nice bottle of perfume and usually this time of year I am running low.  I adore the Jean Paul Gaultier range and love Elle by Emporio Armani.   



For my birthday my husband told me he had investigated the possibility of a voucher for a house cleaning session. It didn’t work out as the company he reached out to didn’t get back to him but he though I do try to keep on top of the housework as much as possible I hate cleaning bathrooms and I can’t think of anything nicer than someone coming in to do a deep clean on all of my bathrooms. So if someone can recommend a cleaning company please send it on to my husband! 

Failing that I would love an interior design consultation – when it comes to interior design I am not great.  I love to organise and keep a (relatively) clean and tidy house. I am great at coming up with new organising systems or room layouts but when it comes to the design bit – the colours and textures and how to dress a room I am not great.  Having moved into our new house 4 years ago I still feel like I haven’t completely put my stamp on it.



My favourite alpaca farmer and homecook, let alone style guru, here’s Liz’s list from the Laois/Offaly border. Follow her fab food and alpaca adventures here. 



Over to me!

What would I like? Well, I rarely struggle to put things on a list, but this year for some reason I’m feeling like I want less,

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a book, and while my kindle is full of unread books I’d love Donal Ryan’s The Queen of Dirt Island to hold in my hands as opposed to on the screen

I’m freezing these days so I’ve asked for some fleece-lined leggings. These from Amazon have good reviews and are water resistant, perfect for pitchside

I am low on perfume and my favourite that I wore on my wedding day doesn’t appear to be made any more so I will have to settle for something else lovely, and this SJP Lovely that I recently smelled in Shaws in Wexford fits the bill perfectly

I have a few (ahem four) family weddings next year so a voucher for the services of a beauty team to glam me up 

On a practical note, my only dressing gown is very warm so I’d love a lighter one for the warmer days – this waffle one from M&S is what I have mind

And as always I’d like more time to do things and more adventures, I’ve never gone on a Christmas market abroad, maybe 2023 will be the year! 


Thank you to all of my contributors and  hope you that everyone reading has a lovely peaceful Christmas,

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