Snapshot: January 2022

This January I am mostly not making resolutions. Here’s a little January update.

Listening to…music practice. My daughter has recently taken up concertina and loves it so is practising loads. I’ve had very little music playing otherwise, enjoying the quietness.

Watching After Life on Netflix. I avoided Ricky Gervais’ series about a man’s struggles after his wife died when it was launched as my Dad was terminally ill at the time. I’ve watched the 3 series in the last few weeks and I love it. It’s funny and sad and emotional and just beautiful really.

Reading I read Marian Keyes’ Rachel’s Holiday as a “buddy read” through Instagram. I read the original 25 years ago and it made me laugh a lot and the sequel is out in March.


Drinking coffee from my local coffee stand Fika by Daniel. The best coffee in Wexford and the closest coffee vendor to my house, wonderful coincidence.

Wearing layers for the cold and thermal socks. Unsure how I’ll ever wear work clothes or heels again.

Eating Aldi pretzel chocolate, the best

Cooking I made Japanese ramen soup last week and it was fantastic. My hotel vegetable soup went down great too and slowcooker roast beef.

Browsing (and ordering and returning) clothes for the communion, and eagerly awaiting the Paul Costello drop into Dunnes

Looking Forward to we’ve a family trip to Paris planned for midterm break and I am living for it.

Gallivanting to… this January we’ve been to Borris Viaduct, Saleens Beach, Altamont Gardens, and Croke Park.

Recommending taking a day off, or an hour. Fresh air with friends.

Dreading the return to the office, even one day a week. If the pandemic has shown us anything it’s our adaptability, I love working from home and the additional work life benefits it gives me, like coaching GAA teams and taking up running.

Grateful for my good fortune. One of my kids told me this week that I tell them how lucky they are too much. As long as it’s sinking in I make no apology!

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