Snapshot: May 2021

I’ve started treating the snapshot series of blogposts as a way of recording things now, not just to give others an insight into my life but to help remember things myself too. Here’s a snapshot of things right now:

Listening  to silence in the house since the kids have gone back to school. To the door creaking for weeks, but my husband has sorted that out. Music wise my most played is my running playlist on Spotify, more about that later.

Watching We binge watched Line of Duty in the last few weeks and I now fully believe that Kate, Steve and Ted are my real life friends and that bent coppers are everywhere. For family movie night we watched “The Mitchells -vs- the Machines” and it got a thumbs up from the whole family, clever and funny and just fun.

Playing, well coaching, or helping with coaching, small girls camogie and Gaelic football and slightly bigger boys hurling and Gaelic football. My own “Gaelic for Mothers and Others” starts back this week, I’m excited and terrified at the idea of it at the same time. Joining was one of the best things I did for myself in a long time.

Reading I just finished The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo which was enjoyable, the past month has been light on reading due to my complete obsession with Line of Duty. I’ve been googling a lot about perimenopause too, it frightens me to read how little is known in a sense but I’m absolutely determined to own mine!

Drinking It’s iced coffee season so I’m enjoying them, and the odd glass of rose for seasonality.

Wearing  sadly, it’s mostly wooly jumpers as it’s till unseasonably cold, especially at the GAA pitch in the evenings. Pair them with jeans for work or my sweaty betty power leggings at the weekend and that’s it.

Eating nutty bars from local business nutorious, vintage cheddar, couscous salad, not all together. Yet.

Cooking quick dinners between school and GAA training. This pasta bake worked well one of the days. Lili Forberg Berry Oaty Squares from Instagram are very popular in the lunchboxes so they get made often too.

Browsing (and ordering and returning) dresses, cool summer dresses for everyday, while I wear wooly jumpers and look at the May hail. Next stop browsing footwear to wear with cool summer dresses.

Moaning about all the return to play covid paperwork and hourly (it feels like) health status updates that I have to give about my children, but delighted that I get to and that they get to play sports.

Enjoying being able to actually jog. This is a HUGE achievement for me, and I will give it its own post soon. Being able to meet my mam, outdoors and soon indoors.

Frustrated by talk of plans to sell our local Courtown Woods to a private corporation, it’s just a fabulous amenity for our area.

Looking Forward to my eyebrows appointment on Wednesday, my hair appointment next week but most of all my vaccination appointment whenever that is.

Gallivanting to we’ve the county covered from Rosslare to Tara Hill, Duncannon to Enniscorthy. Check out all my guides on instagram, coming to a blog near you when I get the time.

Recommending taking a day off work, meeting real life friends for real life in person conversations. Fresh air and coastal walks like at Rosslare, Duncannon or Kilmore Quay.

Grateful for getting this far, I turn 45 this month and with all the introspection that surrounds a significant number like that I realise how lucky I really am, even if I don’t always show it.


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