Snapshot: Lockdown again

February 2021

It’s getting monotonous isn’t it? The whole lockdown thing. Boring. Here’s a snapshot of just how boring.


I’m listening to any silence that I can find. I miss silence, with the kids home and sharing an office with my husband the place is rarely to never quiet. I stay in the car sometimes when we get back from a walk. They disembark noisily, seeking a wee or a snack, and I sit there in the absolutely glorious silence. It works too, until someone needs me or remembers that I’m not inside yet. It’s lovely.

I’m avoiding the radio on the hour. Anything but news. My work featured strongly in the news recently, job losses to come.  All the analysts gave their views, seemingly forgetting that there were people behind the numbers. Nobody wants to listen to work stuff when they are off. It will all work out fine. Also, the only other news story is covid. So, no thanks.


I recently watched Instant Hotel on Netflix with the kids, think Come Dine with Me but about airbnbs and in Australia, pure escapism. When the kids go to bed I’ve been watching Call my Agent with my husband, it’s subtitled in French (so I think I’m fluent again) has great clothes, interesting storylines and is funny. We need funny right now.


My sister gave my eldest Exploding Kittens card game for Christmas and we have been having fun with that. Laoise’s been enjoying face-painting and has roped in anyone she can to be a model for her (her Daddy is the most accommodating)


I just finished Trish Kearney’s book “Above Water”, a story of overcoming abuse with so much hope and love shining through it. I’m honoured to call Trish a friend, she’s an absolute inspiration. I really enjoyed Caitlin Moran’s book “More than a Woman” and have been evangelically recommending it to people (well women of my age mostly). It’s about feminism, and being a woman and how hard and great and frustrating it all is. Highly recommend!


Tea, all the tea in the world. A friend once told me “tea is the healer” and I’m testing that theory


Still living in the Sweaty Bettys, Power legging, 7/8 length. I love them.


Things I like, things I enjoy, mostly things. Poached eggs for brunch and a roast on Sundays. Funeral sandwiches (egg salad) made by my eldest. Nutty chocolate. Fancy Jaffa Cakes (yes to cherry, no to pineapple). The things we cook (see next)


I added this as I wanted to share some recipes that I’ve made lately and also because cooking is my primary activity it seems – this Jamie Oliver Sausage Carbonara went down very well, One Pan Fabulous Fish also from Jamie was handy and nice, Fay Ripley’s Lemon & Raspberry tart and Donal Skehan Millionaire Chocolate Squares.


Beaches. Sunrise on the beach (we’ve gone  few times, but as sunrise gets earlier it’s happened less, January was great for it. The walks, because there’s nothing else to do.


about the walks, because there’s nothing else to do


with covid, people not following the guidelines, not knowing when this will end

Looking Forward to

seeing my mam and family, coffees with friends, drinks out, normality, the playing of last year’s under-13 County hurling final


Caitlin Moran’s book, Liz Collins Boutique Biker Leggings, these slippers from Next.


For the people I have in my life, the roof over my head, the food on my table, the delights in my 5K.


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