Snapshot: Lockdown Lite

Here we are, back in this weird, new lockdown. New normal, new guidelines, it all seems unreal, a limbo phase.,

The thing about the new lockdown, the one that I have decided is “Lockdown Lite” partly due to the diluted version of the rules, and partly due to the lighter touch people seem to be taking in complying with them.

It’s weird though, it’s all so weird. Did I mention that it’s weird? Like the kids can hang out in school with their friends all day but can’t have them over to play. It’s midterm break and instead of  being in Donegal for our booked staycation and to catch up with our cousins we’re at home confined to our 5km local area. We’re lucky, there are beaches and forests for us to visit, and hopefully it’ll have the effect of making us slow down a bit. Anyway, in an attempt to keep my blog alive while I consider all the other posts in my drafts folder here’s a Snapshot of what we’re up to.

Listening to: Right now Taylor Swift is playing on Spotify and I’m enjoying it. I’ve a long list of podcasts that I want to listen to, but I gave the time to “Where is George Gibney?” and feel the horror of his victims at his cowardly fleeing to the US. They deserve justice. Really though, this week it’s all about the sound of the sea.

Watching: I loved Emily in Paris on Netflix, it’s bubblegum with scenery and the perfect antidote to the covid channels. I lived in Paris for 8 months in 1995 and walked those streets so many times, in much less fashionable outfits, and while I was more about the Happy Hour pints off the Rue Mouffetard than wine in classy cafés or press launches I can still relate.

Playing back to Cluedo Junior with the small girl, football outside (I never told you, I played a blitz in September in Gaelic for Mothers and Others, I still have the stud mark scar but its fading)

Reading: I’m reading and vowing to read fewer news updates. In the last few weeks I’ve read two suspense-y books (affiliate links) – Blood Orange by Harriet Tyce and What You Did by Clare McGowan which were interesting enough to keep me reading. I’ve just started The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett but the last book the really grabbed me was Dominicana by Angie Cruz. 

Drinking: Copious amounts of sparkling water, which is odd as I used to hate the stuff.

Wearing activewear while actually being active

Wearing: like most of the country, mostly activewear, although I’m wearing it to work form home and watch TV as much as being active, more in fact if I’m being honest. During lockdown I discovered Sweaty Betty Power Leggings and Gym + Coffee hoodies and they are now my uniform. I’ve never been one for “presentable”  leisurewear so this is a revelation, I actually don’t mind being seen in this, so I can wear it to the school, or the supermarket (the only places I go in Level 5) . Also, cosy jumpers. I’m good with it to be honest, but when I’m working I often   go with jeans and a jumper or shirt as dressed up clothes, I feel like it helps my focus!

Eating: Stuff that I bake like scones, banana bread, and comfort dinners. It’s that time of year, and that time of pandemic.

Working on: Relaxing. Calming down the million ideas and thoughts that I have.

Looking forward to: The return to old normal, the news headlines not relating to Covid; Christmas even if it’s not the same  it’ll still be a welcome break.




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