What to expect on your Post-Covid Dublin Zoo Visit

I  spent a wet Wednesday afternoon in Dublin Zoo last week with the kids and some of their friends.

This was our first post-covid visit so we were wondering what differences that there would be, and I thought you’d like to know too.

As it turned out the day was very wet too and the rain lets you see a side of the zoo that you may not have seen before, giraffes and zebras up close through the glass of their shelter, gorillas knocking on the door to get in to their house and hippos oblivious to the rain.


What’s different?

  • Obviously there is a lot of covid signage and sanitizer stations
  • There’s a one way system going anti-clockwise (has anyone in the history of the Zoo ever gone around it anti-clockwise?) around the zoo including African plains. Going anti-clockwise feels weird, but we got used to it.
  • All playgrounds are closed, including statues that you might have a tradition of taking photos at, except the wishing chair in the farm
  • There are limited dining options open
  • Many slightly enclosed viewing areas are closed– like the one at the Chimpanzee House and the sea lion cove underwater window
  • Entry for everyone is through the member entrance only, the usual entrance is exit only
  • All internal areas like Roberts House and the Reptile House were closed

Practical information

  • You must book tickets online
  • You  pre-book an arrival slot online when you book your tickets, but there’s no time limit. Slots are released around lunchtime every day so if it looks booked out in the morning check again later or another day
  • We spent 2.5 hours with kids aged 7-11 in the rain. The lack of playgrounds and eating opportunities makes the visit shorter.
  • The gift shop is open
  • The coffee shop in the African Plains is open for takeawya, as is the one near the farm


In conclusion…

It’s definitely a limited experience but still very enjoyable, and no battles with the kids to get them out of the playgrounds

We visited on Wednesday 19th August, and paid for tickets with our Fota Wildlife Pass

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