What These Real Women Want for Christmas 2019

When I first blogged about what real women want for Christmas back in 2014 I never thought that 5 years later I’d be saying welcome to the  SIXTH annual essential gift guide for real women. The guide, quite possibly inadvertently, has had a name change, it started out being called “What these women really want for Christmas” but probably through tiredness of lack or attention to detail, I’m not sure which, it morphed into “What These Real Women Want for Christmas” and that label has stuck.

As usual I asked blogger friends around my age to contribute what they really actually want for Christmas. They contributed,  as apparently the odds are high that if you feature something here that your family and friends will buy it for you (If you tag them, email them and drop the link in to the family whatsapp group).

What makes this list different might not be in the contents, it’s the fact that each one is genuinely hoped for by a real woman.

As always I’ve included a couple of affiliate links in the post, they’re starred like this*. There aren’t many and you do happen to click through  buy I’ll get a tiny commission for sending you there.  I hope that doesn’t make you think that these gift suggestions are not real or authentic, because they absolutely are.

First up this year, in order of who sent me their lists first is Andrea aka Andrea Mara Author aka Officemum who left her office behind to become a freelance writer and has since left that behind to become a full time author and has published two books (so far) that should be on everyone’s wishlist. Here’s Andrea’s contribution:

This is one of my favourite posts of the season – I love seeing what other people pick, and I love that my husband reads it every year for inspiration! With that in (my) mind, here goes:

Last year, my husband bought me Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder and I think it lives up to the hype – it’s like an Instagram filter on your skin. So this year, I think I’d like to try the Hollywood Beauty Glow Face Kit. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what it does, but look, Charlotte says she’s bottled the “Beauty Light effects from the Hollywood red carpet” – how could you go wrong?
*please let midi dresses stay in fashion for a looonnnngggg time*
Working from home means I live in jeans, runners, and sweatshirts, but in my head, I need multiple dresses and skirts, especially so-easy-to-wear midi dresses and skirts. I love this one from Warehouse and if it doesn’t end up under the tree, I might just treat myself to it during Twixmas.
Since I actually live in jeans, runners, and sweatshirts, I’m also including a more practical but still quite lovely sweatshirt from Gap.
I spotted this online recently (an internet pal is doing social media for De Bláca, an Irish jewellery designer) and fell in love with it. I have no idea what it might look like in real life, but I feel like I’d like to find out.
A bit like the midi dresses, I’m obsessed with over-sized earrings and have far more pairs than a uniform of jeans-and-runners requires but still. I love these, and think they’d go very nicely with my new animal print dress.


Everyone’s favourite alpaca farmer and cook extraordinaire Liz is up next:
I spend a lot of the year trying to teach my children the difference between need and want. They mostly ignore my attempts and still tell me they desperately NEED something that a few days later they might struggle to even recall. However Christmas is a time to give in a little to what we want and the following are things that are on my wish list.


1st up is the gorgeous Christmas Hampers that Millbee are making. I’m already a big fan of their beeswax wraps but the hamper comes with beautiful handmade candles and a bespoke candle holder. They are also very local to us here so a big win-win for a greener Christmas this year.  Have a look on https://millbee.com/


2nd on my wish list is this stunning painting by Niki Purcell and on sale at The Gaslamp Gallery in Gorey, a painting is the gift that keeps on giving and this seascape is beautiful. Have a browse on The Gaslamp Gallery website for other eye catching artwork.


The 3rd thing on my wish list is a a total ‘want’ not ‘need’ and although it’s on my wish list I think it ridiculously over priced. That said if someone was to buy it for me sure I’d be a fool to say no! A pair of tickets to see Diana Ross at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham next June would be very welcome, but at €250 for a pair I think it would be a hard one to justify!
So there you go, another year of being grateful  that I need for nothing but it’s perfectly ok to have a little wish list.


Learner Mama – Lucy O’Connor

Lucy from Learnermama is up next, here’s her Christmas wish list:Hollywood Style Mirror

There is a large corner of our bedroom that I have had ear marked for a dressing table since we moved into our new house just over a year ago.  I have picked out the dressing table and a large full-length mirror for the area but would love a small Hollywood style mirror to sit on top of the dressing table for doing my makeup.  Some of the options are very expensive but something cheap and simple like this one would fit the bill.

Hairdryer Stand

With my new dressing table in place, and my fancy new Hollywood Mirror, I would love to be able to store my hairdryer and straighteners neatly.  I love something like this unit from Polder which would sit on the top of the dressing table giving easy access to my items when styling my hair.

Scandal by Jean Paul Gaultier Perfume

Last year I had included Jean Paul Gaultier’s Classique in Eau de Parfum in my “What women want” post and my husband, having read the post, picked me up a Jean Paul Gaultier miniature set which included four tiny bottles; two of the Classique Eau de Toilette, one of the Classique Eau de parfum I had been looking for but it also included another Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance called Scandal, which it turns out I absolutely love.  Due to the miniature size of the bottle it is literally on the last drop so I would love a full-size bottle.

Personal Stylist/Shopper Session

One of my goals for 2020 is to work on me.  I want to lose some weight, get fitter and dress more stylishly.  I feel I have fallen down the path of dishevelled Mammy on many days so my aim is to try to put a bit more effort into looking after myself; getting my hair done more frequently, taking care of my nails and having a wardrobe of clothes I can be proud of.

Unfortunately, unlike my dear departed Mum, I am not the best at shopping for clothes.  I would love to have a personal stylist advise me (gently) on what I should be buying to suit my current lifestyle – it was so much easier when I was working an office job – being at home it is (too) easy to just stick to a pair of jeans or my old reliable black leggings and throw on a hoody or baggy jumper.

My husband did, many years ago, buy me a consultation with a stylist but it was more geared to colours and shapes than actual pieces.  I would love another consultation that would show me how I can put simple outfits together with some key basic pieces, as well as good colours and shapes that will suit.

Either a voucher to arrange an appointment with a style consultant or maybe it’s as simple as booking a session with a personal shopper in one of the big department stores and giving me a voucher to spend in said store. Link to a Personal Shopper Service 

A voucher for anything non-material!

Failing any of the above, I love to get vouchers I can use in the New Year. There is so much physical stuff floating around at Christmas it is nice to have something to look forward to a few months later.  A voucher for anything from a beauty treatment, meal out or a generic One 4 All to allow me a bit of shopping is always a welcome gift.

Naomi aka Sciencewows.ie
Over to Naomi, who’s been busy all year sharing her knowledge about science and educating the masses. Here’s Naomi’s contribution:Where did the year go and how are we back making wish lists again? Not that I’m complaining of course, who doesn’t like thinking of what lovely things they might be gifted? Here are some of my top picks.I always like to start January with a bit of planning for the year ahead. This year I’d like to up my game with a Goal setting course by Joanne Condon of Kyle Lane Studio; her Goal Setting Challenge of 2020 (literally my perfect way to start the year) looks fantastic and as it’s an on-line course it will also be in keeping with my plans to swap some things for experiences.Speaking of experiences, is there anything nicer than a massage? I absolutely love them and I noticed that one of my favourite beautician, Piorra, have some great special offers on at the moment so I’ll definitely be dropping some hints.I am hoping to revamp our office room (dump room would be a more appropriate title but office room sounds better) in the new year and would love to create a quiet corner in there for reading or chilling. I have my eye on some swinging chairs I have spotted on other people’s Instagram accounts, like this one. I could just see myself curled up in that chair with a good book.And when it comes to books I have to say that I love a good crime/thriller story. I’ll be waiting for Andrea Mara’s new book to come out early in 2020 but until then The Suspect, by Fiona Barton, has been recommended to me and I think it would make a perfect stocking filler… for me!

And Finally Me!

After the year we’ve put in I’m really seeing how unimportant things are and how important spending time with the ones that you love are. However, my dad loved giving presents and always had great ideas (not always appreciated) for what to get people, so with that in mind I’m still going to share some ideas for me.  I’ve seen a lot of people sharing the something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read themes for gifts so I’ve decided to run with that as my wishlist this year here.


Want: A painting, this is sort of cheating as we bought a gorgeous Kate Kos painting of the beach at the end of our road last week on her advent promotion, so this box is ticked. I love cute prints too, like the ones from Dusty Boy Designs.


Need: Sports Gear- if my Ladies’ football hobby/career (Ahem)  is to progress/continue I need more sports gear, including football boots. Also a new hairbrush – I saw this jewel one at my hairdresser’s and have it on my list.


Wear: I want to be cosy, to wear a hug, so my wish for clothes is a comfy sweatshirt or hoodie.



DO! Also, since I wrote a blogpost on experiences my love of experiences not things is documented and I’d love a voucher for any family experience, Spike island and Armagh Planetarium are both on my list for next year so maybe there, or perhaps tickets to the theatre or a gig, it’s great t have something to look forward to.
Happy Shopping!

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