Snapshot – June 2019

I decided to do a snapshot post, because, well, they’re easy posts to do but sometimes help me get a handle on things and I found this one that I had written in early June. If I don’t publish it it disappears so I’m going to hit publish and backdate it so it lives on so to speak. So much has changed in these few months, my answers in this post hint at what was to come, but I didn’t think when I wrote this that the month of June would bring so much change.

So here goes…my snapshot of early June 2019

Listening to  arguments and squabbles, pleas for “better” cereal or more playstation/Ipad. Music-wise the one about taking the horse to the old town road is being sung a lot, as is “Sick Note”. I’ve been to see both George Ezra and Westlife live in the last month and really enjoyed both. It’ll probably be 2023 before I go to another concert!

Watching matches from the sidelines. Very little TV being watched by the adults of the house these days. I did really really enjoy The Bodyguard recently though. Highly binge-worthy.

Looking Forward to the holidays. We’re off to Lake Garda in a few weeks, I am living for it.

Playing – well the kids are playing hurling and camogie, and fortnite. I’m playing, in fact, I don’t know what I’m playing at most of the time! 

Eating too many treats. When I’m tired I crave sugar. When I’m stressed I crave sugar. When there are parties in the house I eat sugar. I have been eating a lot of sugar. 

Reading – my most recent read was The Great Alone by Kristen Hannah. It really sucked me in.

Frustrated by all the injustice. Some many things are unfair.

Wondering when is the summer weather going to appear? 

Enjoying chats, with my parents, with my kids. Chats about normal stuff.

Working on taking one day at a time and getting through them. 

Thankful for time. I might think I don’t have enough of it, but really, I do.

Laoise and I at her 6th birthday party, 8th June 2019

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  1. You’re doing great Sinéad. Sure where would you leave it with the great parents you had. Everything you do with your children creates a memory for them. I’m blown away with the things my children remember. Never ever underestimate how grateful you are to have 3 healthy beauties. Oh and a husband!!! Xmo

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