Snapshot ~ March 2019

I last did a snapshot post about two years ago- you can read it here. I happened on it lately and liked looking back over that little, well, snapshot of my life then so I decided to do another one, here goes.

My friend took this photo of me on our weekend break in Amsterdam and I like it a lot so I thought I’d put it here

Listening to rehearsals for the school St Patrick’s Day concert, sung, shouted on tinwhistle and harp, an bhfaca anyone Seamaisín?  We’re very excited for a Gaeilge version of Shotgun by George Ezra/Second Class too.

Breakfast Republic on the radio, because most days the news is just too depressing and Bernard, Jen, Keith and Lottie cheer me up.

Watching Dancing with the Stars (the kids are obsessed, Laoise and I are Team Mairead, they’re Team Johnny),  Catastrophe (best ending ever), Dirty John (who isn’t, but it’s finished now)

Looking Forward to days off (always), days away, Cathal’s communion in May and our family holiday in July, longer evenings, warmer weather.

Playing with Alexa. We’re loving playing “Would you rather” family edition with such classics as “would you rather have worms in your ears or nose?”

Wearing always the same thing-  nike runners, skinny jeans and jumper, alternately finished off with parka or more formal coat depending on the weather. I’ve recently bought a skirt with the plan that when the weather gets better I’ll wear it with runners or sandals, I get so lazy in the winter with clothes, I like to be cosy.

Eating current favourite things are Killowen glass jar yogurts, dark chocolate corncakes, and donuts from The Rolling Donut. We have a family tradition that if I have a meeting in the city centre I bring home a box of Rolling Donuts, I like the tradition just as much as the kids do.

Reading: I’ve gotten back into reading this year and have really been enjoying it. I’ve recently read Skin Deep by Liz Nugent, Notes to Self by Emilie Pine, The Keeper by Graham Norton, A Ladder to the Sky by John Boyne and Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld.  I’ve also started Milkman (too hard) and Michelle Obama’s Becoming (too heavy a book to read in bed but I do like it). Notes to Self is raw and honest and really well written I loved it, Skin Deep is alright, I preferred The Keeper. I really enjoyed A Ladder to the Sky (aff), John Boyne really creates wonderfully believable characters.

Frustrated by traffic, people asking the same questions over and over in case the answer changes (I wish it was my kids I’m talking about),

Wondering if I do my physio exercises as often as I am supposed to will I really feel like a new woman? Why can’t I go to bed earlier? What skincare products should I use?

Enjoying: My new work arrangements are really embedded now (I swapped one full day off a week for two afternoons off) and I love having two afternoons at home with the kids, running from homework to activities and actually spending time with them, it’s not all beautiful moments but it’s being there and doing everyday stuff that I felt I was missing out on before.

Not Enjoying: Traffic, sibling quarrels, icy rain

Working on my health! I really want to get my physical fitness back on track this year, I want to feel strong.

Thankful for: My little family, my bigger family, my health, when my husband can do the early morning school run on hurling days, my weekend break away with the girls to Amsterdam in February (coming soon to the blog)

Midterm Day Out February 2019

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  1. Great post Sinéad. Looking forward to your Amsterdam post. I am going soon with my college girls. Last time I was there was 2004.

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