Week in Dinners – End of January 2019

I wrote (and ate) this a few weeks ago, hence the title, but since I spent the time on it I thought I’d share anyway rather than let my time be wasted.

Monday – Courgette Carbonara

I’ll be honest I was getting a bit sick of requests for Amatriciana  on Pasta Mondays so I suggested Carbonara and surprisingly nobody complained. Even better, there were empty plates all around and a small voice asked why we don’t have this more often. We will be kids.

You can add whatever other veg you want but you’d need to fry them off with the pancetta. This is one of the very few ways my kids will eat “green”, it’s something to do with them realising that you can’t actually taste it. Try it and see how you get on.

Recipe here: Courgette Carbonara

Tuesday – Chicken Stir Fry with Quinoa/Cubed Potatoes, Fishfingers 

My favourite dinner consists of all the stir fry vegetables, protein, (in this case chicken), an egg cracked in and a pouch of quinoa or rice added in.

There is no way on earth that my children would even taste this, they had fishfingers, with homemade cubed potatoes (oven baked salad potatoes) and beans. I’m not doing without my healthy favourite meal and they were happy and fed too.

Wednesday – Macaroni Cheese

If the kids mention a homemade meal that they like that we haven’t had for a while I make it my business to have it ASAP. They loved it and wondered why they hadn’t asked for it for such a long time. I’d usually add pancetta but we didn’t have any so this was our meat-free dinner this week, I’m going to try to cut down the amount of meat we eat by having one veggie meal a week, but with two children who aren’t big vegetable eaters this could prove challenging

The macaroni cheese I made was based on this recipe.

Thursday – Freezer Bolognese

What’s the point in having cooked double a few weeks ago if you can’t dip into the stocks on a Thursday morning on the way to work? Yes, this meant a third pasta dinner this week, but they were all very different dinners. Pasta dinners are always eaten and are one of the few ways two of my children will eat vegetables for dinner.

Friday – Shop Bought Pizza and Salad

Friday is convenience night. This week we had shop bought pizza from Aldi with salad. I bought one “fancy” Specially Selected pizza and had two others (one margarita, one pepperoni) already in the freezer.  The kids don’t all eat salad so I tend to chop whatever they will eat and leave it on the table- red peppers can tempt the small girl and grated carrot works sometimes too.

This week’s conclusion:

Pasta heavy, but good food and everyone well fed. No mash at all which is unusual for us, although we did have a roast dinner with mash on Sunday so that ticked that box for us. Time for some rice next week I think!


For  more week in dinners posts check out this link Week in Dinners I’ve been sharing them the past few years from time to time so there’s quite a stock. If anyone would like to guest share their week in dinners message me, I just next text, recipe links if you have them and a couple of photos to make the post look pretty. You can message me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or leave a comment below.

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  1. Sounds quite like dinners in our house Sinead. We discovered recently that two of our three children love Chinese noodles so that makes stir fry night easier. We usually have it with noodles as both my husband and I love them.

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