What These Real Women Want for Christmas 2018

Welcome to the FIFTH annual essential gift guide for real women.

I’ve been publishing this list of what to buy women, as written by real women, not by people who are trying to sell you something or who have been sent something to try out. Every wish is real and honest and many will depart from your traditional mammy/sister/aunt gifts. Each one is genuinely hoped for. Use with this information what you will, as inspiration for what to buy a loved one, or as inspiration for your loved ones for what to buy you!

I’ve included a couple of affiliate links in the post, not many, so if you do happen to click through and buy I’ll get a tiny commission for introducing you. I hope that doesn’t make you think that these gift suggestions are not real or authentic, because they absolutely are.

Here goes!

Naomi from Sciencewows

Naomi from Sciencewows, has been busy this year working on the new children’s science show on RTEjr called Let’s Find Out.

It has been a good year and I can’t believe it is drawing to a close already. Time for those wish lists to be prepa red, and this is what mine looks like this year:I am really hoping that 2019 will be as busy and productive as 2018; I know I can’t put that on my wish list but I can ask for a beautiful year planner to help keep me organised throughout next year. Top of my list is this one by BusyB, it even comes with stickers so it has to be good.Before the year is finished I’ll have passed another birthday and as the years move on I am becoming more focused on self-care and exercise (at least I am trying to be). I’d love a nice yoga mat for all the wonderful exercises I plan on doing, especially something eco-friendly so I love the sound of these Jade yoga mats.  It’s a good time of year to get perfume, especially as I am running low; my new favourite is Inis Sea by Carraig Donn. And finally, a ring; I has spent the last few months looking for my ‘misplaced’ wedding and engagement rings. I refuse to accept they are lost, but until I recover them I would like something to fill the gap. I like the idea of these stackable rings, I think two or three of these together would be lovely.

Sadhbh from Where Wishes Comes From

Next it’s over to Sadhbh from Where Wishes Comes From, also known as children’s author Sadhbh Devlin. Sadhbh’s second book “Beag Bideach” is out now and available from booksellers nationwide or direct from Futa Fata.

Sadhbh’s Wishlist

  1. I need to curb my phone habit, so in order to stop it being the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing at night I’d love an alarm clock -then I could leave my phone on my desk every night instead of  having it permanently by my side. Ideally, I’d receive this fancy, sunshiny one.
  2. Sticking with the time-theme – I need a new watch. I haven’t worn one in years because my phone tells me the time (again with the phone…), but I’m doing a lot of workshops with my books lately and need to keep an eye on my timing. I feel like checking my phone intermittently looks unprofessional, so an old-school timepiece is the way to go.
  3. Another useful item I’d be very pleased to find under the tree would be these reusable make-up remover pads.
  4. My absolute dream gift is a mixture of need and want. It’s a writer’s retreat. I’ve always wanted to go away to focus solely on writing. And I have so many ideas in my head that I need the time and space to explore them fully. I’d especially love some time in this magical spot: Tyrone Guthrie Centre.

Learner Mama – Lucy O’Connor

Lucy of Learnermama has just moved house and her move is inspiring some of her Christmas list this year.

Rotating Makeup Holder

We have just moved into a new house and our master bedroom is so much bigger than our old one.  I now have space to have a dressing table. While I haven’t set it up yet, I have a vision in my head of a nice simple unit with a mirror with lights around it and all my cosmetics in easy reach to allow me to get ready quickly and easily.  One thing I want on my dressing table is a makeup holder and I love the idea of this Jerrybox 360 Degree Rotation Makeup Organizer available on the Ubuy.ie website but anything like this that will sit neatly on the unit with all my supplies.


While I tend to stick to one daily perfume (I tend to rotate a few favourites) I would usually have a small stock in case I feel like wearing a different scent.  Right now, my stock is literally a critical point. I have practically zero perfume in the house. I am not sure I’ll get to Christmas without getting some more but my stock needs replenishing and I love a nice bottle of perfume as a gift. Some of my favourites include Elle from Emporio Armani and Classique from Jean Paul Gaultier.  I recently tried the Eau de Parfum version of Classique (I usually wear the Eau de toilette) and it was so nice – much more intense in a good way.


While I have plenty of summer pyjamas, I have a shortage of nice cosy winter ones.  I have a bad habit of just picking up cheap winter pyjamas that end up looking wreaked very quickly.  While maybe a Christmas cliché present, I would love a luxurious pair of pyjamas that will stand the test of time.  My husband, in the past, has come back from trips to the US with lovely GAP ones that I have adored and on a recent shopping trip saw the most gorgeous pair of pyjamas in Superdry.  They were about €45 just for the bottom half and maybe another €30 for the top, which I would never spend on a pair of pyjamas normally, which is why I would love an extravagant pair like that for Christmas

Family portrait

Now that I am certain my family is complete, I would love to do a family portrait session. The last time we did anything professional we only had one child, who was one at the time and is now about to turn twelve!  We have done a couple of sessions with my parents and the in-laws, but I would like a professional session for myself, my husband and the three kids so a voucher for a photography session would be a lovely present to capture a life-long memory.  There would probably need to be a voucher for hair and makeup sessions on the day of the portrait session as well to ensure that I am captured at my best!

A voucher for anything non-material!

I love vouchers! Having moved to a new house and tried to clear out as we moved, I am totally aware of how much stuff we own, half of which is probably not necessary.  During 2018, I began to explore the whole area of minimalism (take a look at The Minimalists documentary on Netflix) and while I have a long way to go, I am more mindful of what I buy and keep in my home.  For me, vouchers for things like spa treatments, restaurants and experiences are always great as they don’t take up any space and are so enjoyable – especially when you can look forward to using them months after Christmas has passed.


Andrea from Officemum, also known as Andrea Mara, Author.

Andrea’s fresh from the Irish Book Awards where her latest thriller One Click was nominated for the Irish Independent Crime Fiction Book of the Year! One Click is a great read, highly recommended.


Here’s Andrea’s list.

First up is are these earrings from Warehouse – or any earrings really. I’ve become obsessed with earrings over the last year, and I love the feeling of wearing them – I think because I associate that feeling with being somewhere other than at my kitchen table working or at my kitchen counter cooking.

Now that I own 47 pairs of earrings, I need somewhere to keep them. I love this jewellery box from Zara Home, particularly because it has little drawers. You never know what you’re going to find in a little drawer.

Christmas is the sparkliest time of year, and if I find this top under the tree, I’ll organise a suitably cocktail-filled night to wear it.

It’s almost ten years now since my husband bought me a Tiffany necklace, prompting a big soft spot for the brand with the blue box. When I saw Tiffany perfume recently, I had to try, and now I want it. Maybe because it smells divine, maybe because of the blue packaging, or maybe because it’s a treat I wouldn’t buy myself.

It’s hard to choose a book but I’m going for Sally Rooney’s Normal People because my friend Emily said it’s good, and that’s as good as reason as any!

Elizabeth from Life on Hushabye Farm  

Elizabeth has been busy with her Airbnb venture this year, it’s getting great reviews, and why wouldn’t it, a cosy cottage with alpacas within petting distance.

Here’s what Elizabeth would like for Christmas:

Ottolenghi Simple

Dinner and an overnight stay in The Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore
And sad but true…
And Finally….Me!
Most years I want the same things and this year isn’t much of an exception. My list includes a stylish handbag, a cosy jumper, new pyjamas (is it Christmas without them?) something pretty for the kitchen – this year it’s pastry forks,  have a set of 6 that my Granny gave me but I need more – these Katie Alice ones are cute and a “good book”. I’ve wanted a dressy pair of boots for a while but I have enough boots really so I’ve just added these to my Christmas list. As always gifts of food and holidays are always welcome, so don’t feel restricted by this list of things you can buy in shops!
Go forth and shop!
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