To My Children, If You’re Reading This

Dearest Children.

If you’re reading this then you’ve either swiped my phone or are using the internet unsupervised, but it is addressed to you I guess, so who am I to stop you.

If you’ve been having a root around this site you are bound to be asking yourself some questions, so I’m putting this post out there to try guess them in advance and answer them. The three of you are great at asking hard questions, like football captains of countries i’ve barely heard of or explanations for scientific phenomenon, or even what’s for dinner, as I don’t always know the answer to that one either.

So to answer your first question, no I don’t have a favourite. If I featured one of your 6th birthdays and not the other 2 it’s because (a) I had the time  and (b) I had the time. It isn’t because I love you any less. If I wrote you fewer birthday posts that you think I wrote about your brother or sister I’m sorry, it really wasn’t my intention and I’d refer you to my answer above.

If you’re wondering why I write this stuff down on a blog, it’s because my brain is busy and full and I need to get it out. If I don’t I might forget about your match on Tuesday night or to sign that permission slip for whatever it is at school that needs it this week. Writing this clears my head.

If you’re wondering where the name came from you haven’t been listening to me telling other people (I know that at least one of you knows as I heard you tell another blogger at an event last week)

If you’re wondering where I get the time to do this stuff, it’s when you are sleeping, Or in the past when I was sitting on the landing or in your bedroom waiting for you to go to sleep.

So have a root around my loves, and use this blog as a way to remember recipes we made, days out we had and to read the love that I have for you all.

Love forever and always, to the moon and back so many times, and equally to you all,




  1. Listen, this is great. What you’ve written in your blog I meant to say to you and your brothers and sisters also, so if they’ve nothing else to be doing other than reading your sister’s blog back the lorry up there about nearly two generations back and that’s exactly what I meant (and I’m sure your mammy) meant to tell you, word for word, but they didn’t do blogging back then. That’s everything the same – except maybe the bit about soccer captains!

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