15 Eat At Home Lunch Ideas

I’m at home for my lunch four days a week, so you’d think that I would have the lunchtime menu sorted, but no, more often than not I make boring sandwiches reminiscent of the ones from that Philadelphia ad from the 80’s (the ones with no Phildelphia) . With that in mind I’ve put together this list of things I should make instead. They have to be easy, but tasty, some can be prepped ahead, some only require a couple of minutes work and all are a better option than toast.

1. Pot Noodles – healthy ones though like these

2. Poached Eggs – breakfast for lunch. Wholemeal toast, a few cherry tomatoes and you’re sorted.

3. Soup – make it beforehand though.

4. Omelette – Don’t get bored, mix up your usual fillings, my favourite is tuna, cheese and corn

5. A toasted sandwich – the pub classic ham, cheese, tomato and a tiny bit of onion on white, or a fancier chicken pesto with roasted red peppers? The choice is yours

6. Eggs in Purgatory  Nigella knows snacks, and this is a great one, eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce works so much better than it sounds.

7. Leftovers– use that leftover chili or bolognese in a wrap or sandwich

8. Quesadillas  – A bit of tex mex that takes no

9. Smoked Salmon on brown bread – I love smoked salmon but rarely think of having it for lunch.

10. A BLT – so good.

11. A jacket potato, stuffed with leftovers, or tuna, or cheese and ham, loads of possibilities.

12. Beans on Toast – you just can’t go wrong

13. A Fishfinger Sandwich – if it’s good enough for Jamie, why not for you?

14. Salad! Go old school with a slice of ham, tomato, lettuce and a boiled egg if you must but my favourite is a chicken salad, copying the one in O’Brien’s with chicken, cashews, celery and spinach and a yoghurt dressing with curry powder.

15. Tortilla Pizza – quick, handy and tasty

What’s your favourite eat at home lunch?

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  1. I need this list so badly – I end up having toast or soda bread with marmalade A LOT

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