15 Ways to Make it Feel Like You’ve Got Your Shit Together

  1. After almost ten years of parenting (nine years and eleven months to be precise) there are days (OK, weeks) when I feel still feel like life is totally chaotic and, well simply out of control. Order is beyond my grasp. In this time I’ve discovered some things to help me get through. Little “life hacks” as they have become called that are tiny but that make me feel like I have my shit together, if even for a fleeting moment. (If you’re offended by the word “shit” I’m sorry, but I spent ages trying to come up with a better word or one that would work in its place and I couldn’t, so it stayed)

Here’s my list. Do feel free to add something.

1. Wear something “good” on a relatively normal day, it’ll put a spring in your step. I’m not suggesting ballgown to Aldi, more like a blazer on the school run.

2. Label something. Monica would approve. Be selective in what you label though, like labelling a kids’ drink bottle is essential labelling, labelling the shelf in the press where the drink bottles go is next level.

3. Paint your nails – painted nails are lovely to look at. Enjoy looking at them.

4. Get the car washed. Don’t do it yourself. pay someone else to. Revel in not recognising your own car in the car park due to the new “clean” colour. (If you feel your car is a disgrace you might enjoy this post I wrote about mine. It’s way better now. Ahem)

5. Clean out the cutlery drawer. Wonder who crushed entire packets of biscuits into it. Bask in the lack of crumbs.

6. Put money-off vouchers in your wallet and spend them on yogurt next time you’re at the supermarket. Rather than finding them 2 years after they have expired in an envelope.

7. Drop that bag of clothes into the charity shop. You know, the one you trip over every day.

8. Convert the Supervalu/Tesco points into things that save you more money.

9. Polish your shoes, or clean them at least.

10. Be early for something. Anything. Just the once.

11. Clean out the fridge. Why does everything left unattended turn to green slime? Are they the pickles from last Christmas or the Christmas before?

12. Decide three days dinners in advance and stick to it

13. Go to the recycling centre (and bring some recycling, not just to visit)

14. Book dental check ups for the whole family. Balk at the cost, revel in being up to date.

15. Restock the first aid box so there are plasters there when someone needs them. And antiseptic cream. And burn spray. And all those things someone whose child has hurt themselves in your house asks you if you have.

Don’t go mad now and do them all. One at a time. Easy does it. You want to revel in each one. Savour the “feeling like you’ve got your shit together moment”. Enjoy.

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  1. Right! I’m doing 3,4 & 5 today! Great post. Made me laugh!

  2. Actually I do like the idea of wearing a ballgown to Aldi 🙂

  3. This is hilarious. My baby is now 17 but I still need to do a few of these things on the list. My car won t kniw what hit it if I wash it!

  4. And remember to breath it too will pass

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