Repealed: One Week On

A week has passed.

Realisation still comes slowly.

We did this.

The Eighth Amendment is gone.

The women of Ireland have reclaimed our bodily autonomy.

The shame is lifting.

The moment of the exit poll being announced was surreal. Could it really be? Another, thunder stolen by the first, was debated on TV and confirmed the first.

A feeling washed over me. After an emotional week of bursting into tears I suddenly felt immense relief. I felt liberty, the hard fought freedom. I felt sisterhood, and support. I felt like finally our country was listening, that our people were showing our politicians that we trust women.

We were told not to celebrate. Berated for marking such a huge social development for our country, for noting the time and effort, the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into this fight. It would be in bad taste.

Media around the world showed our muted celebrations. The crowd chanting Savita’s name. Women, together, fighting for their rights. Strongly supported by men who know that equal rights make a better society for everyone.

To everyone who voted yes, whether it was a clear decision or one you debated over thank you.

To everyone who campaigned, everyone who had conversations, everyone who showed support, thank you.

The graphic posters continue, designed to shock and upset, absent of compassion, lacking in respect.

The politicians, credit taken, debate the technicalities. The ones who sat on the fence or supported the losing side considering how their views may not reflect the electorate.

The opponents continue to make statements against abortion, they won’t go away.

But we are united now, we were together for yes, we have organised, we’ve been activated and we are ready to stand up for ourselves.

Together For Yes.

Together For Us.

Together For The Future.

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