A Week in Dinners: April 2018

This should be a post about lighter Spring dinners but let’s face it, Spring is yet to show her face around here yet. Therefore there’s a lot of comfort in this instalment of week in dinners. Again I feel like we’re eating the same things a lot so I’d like to introduce some new meals into the rotation, but I do have a fear that they’d be met with protests. That said, steak sandwiches are a new addition and are going down well with 2 adults and one child, so maybe it is time to push their limits a little!


Sausage, Butterbean & Leek Casserole

This is a real favourite in our house, though one child scrapes the leeks away, we ate it with mashed potatoes.


Tuesday there’s GAA at 6pm and even though I work from home and don’t have a commute, it’s still a rush to get the kids home and to the pitch on time, so we had Pasta Bolognese using freezer stocks that I made in my slow cooker a few weeks ago.


Fruity Chicken Curry based on this recipe by Life on Hushabye Farm but with coconut milk instead of cream and we added mangetout too, served with shop bought naan bread.


Pasta All’Amatricianawe have this every second week or so, it’s Cathal’s favourite and the sauce cooks as quickly as the pasta is ready.


The kids ate at a party, I had beans on toasted soda bread with a poached egg around 9pm and it tasted amazing!


Steak sandwiches (Aldi beef medallions) with mushrooms and onions and BLTs for those who don’t like steak. (One child basically had a rasher and mayonnaise sandwich, but what can you do?) We used wholemeal rolls and had sides of my favourite mangetout salad pot from Aldi, baked potatoes, the few oven chips found in the bottom of the freezer, tomatoes and lettuce.

Also made this week

I made a batch of healthy banana oat chocolate chip cookies for lunchboxes and Ciarán made homemade lemon curd and used some of it to make Rachel Allen’s lemon crumble cupcakes from her Cake book. I also made a carrot and sweet potato soup for lunch on Sunday that served lunches during the week.

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  2. Thank you for this post and all related posts too! Dinners are feeling quite ‘done to death’ in our house lately, but we have one fussy eater and one being converted by the fussy eater (he’ll never get to him if I have anything to do with it!!!)

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