All Aboard for Dinovember!

Tomorrow is the first of November, when all across the world toy dinosaurs “come to life” at night and get up to mischief. 

There’s no message, no threats for the kids to behave or the dinosaurs will report them to a higher authority, no consequences. It’s just old-fashioned fun, with a little wonder and a sprinkling of magic thrown in.

Our dinosaurs have been a pesky crew over the years. They’ve abseiled down toilet roll, helped themselves to treats, played board games and even rifled through my handbag.

Who knows, maybe the dinosaurs at the bottom of your toybox will come to life tonight too! If they do be sure to share their antics on Facebook or Instagram to inspire others. I’ll be sharing what ours got up to over on Facebook – follow us Bumbles of Rice on Facebook.

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  1. As a genuine Dinosaur who still loves mischief- I offer my support !

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