Twenty Five Things to Make for Dinner using Chicken Breasts

I’m not a great meal planner, so my usual modus operandi has me buy similar things each week, then look for inspiration as to what to turn them into. Sometimes I do it moments before I am about to start cooking. Not clever. Little fills me with more dread on a  Tuesday  evening than a pack of chicken breasts that need to be transformed into an appetising and nourishing family meal.  With hungry children hovering there’s no time to be looking up recipes or cookbooks so I make the same three things over and over.

BORING. Fajitas AGAIN? Not curry, you know I HATE curry.

We all need a bit of variety in our lives, right?

So in a  purely selfish pursuit I’ve put together this list of dinners to make using chicken breasts and in a purely unselfish pursuit I’ve decided to share it with you.

So like it, share it, pin it, use it and be inspired. Happy Cooking!


1. Chicken Pasta Bake

Precook the chicken breasts (I love them poached as they don’t dry out) and add them to this for a filling pasta bake.

2. Fruity Chicken Curry

This curry recipe  from Life on Hushabye Farm uses leftover relish in your curry- I can confirm that this is excellent as we have made it a few times with different chutneys. Recipe HERE

3. Chicken and Broccoli Bake

A classic- choose the old school version or the cheat’s one.


4. Chicken Fajitas

A quick and handy meal-  lay everything on the table and let the kids pile the bits that they like on to the tortilla wraps.

I like this recipe on the Supervalu Website (I usually add cumin and chili to it) and I’ve been meaning to try this Nigella one too, it comes highly recommended.

5.  Jamie’s Greek Chicken – This is wonderfully summery served with fresh herbs over couscous, and it only takes “around” 15 minutes recipe here

6. Pesto Nuggets Go wild, try them with red pesto instead of green. Serve them with chips, or mash and veg. Or in a wrap with salad. Versatile.

7. Chicken Parmigiana

I LOVE this. My children don’t. Sigh. Maybe yours will though. Invite me over if they do. I tried this recipe.

8. Chicken Stir Fry

Go mad. Add whatever vegetables you like, soy sauce, rice vinegar, black bean. Serve with noodles. Or rice. The possibilities are endless. If you’re overcome by choice why not try this one by Dairy Free Kids

9. Chicken Roll Ups

These were big on the dinner party scene around the same time that sundried tomatoes hit Ireland. Flatten a chicken breast, put stuff into it, roll it up in tinfoil and bake. It’ll look sightly anaemic but taste great.

10. Chicken Stroganoff

Sinead from Shinners and the Brood recently shared this delicious looking Chicken Stroganoff. And with “that everyone ate” in the title I’m determined to give it go!

11. Chicken and Leek Pilaff

This is great stodgy comfort food with the mango chutney tang really setting it off  – recipe here


12. Chicken on a stick

Who doesn’t love food on a stick?  My crew love Japanese yakitori sauce that I get in Dunnes, but you can leave it sauce free, or serve with a lemon and yogurt sauce or satay sauce too, or any sauce you like.

13. Chicken Pie

Jolene on One Yummy Mummy has  a recipe for an easy one that’s on my to try list – check it out here.


14. Chicken Salad

Go retro, chicken breast, a grain, some veg. Maybe some mango chutney. Chicken breasts don’t have to be served warm you know.

15. Coconut and Basil Chicken

In our house this is known as “Fastest Lady Chicken” as it’s a Derval O’Rourke recipe. It’s very tasty and I never seem to make enough to give everyone the seconds that they demand. Recipe here

16. Baked Pesto Chicken

It’s always great to get a recommendation and this one from Ellen from Bumps and Roundabouts looks super Baked Pesto Chicken

17.  Butternut Squash, Chicken and Couscous One Pot

A lovely autumn dish, and very handy too- the recipe is here.

18. Kenmare Foodie Chicken Gnocchi Bake – with our without the aubergine this was a big hit in our house.


19. Chicken Satay 

Another One Yummy Mummy easy recipe- try it here

20. Honey Mustard Chicken

This is a very tasty way to jazz up your chicken breasts and very quick and easy. I serve with rice and salad.

21. Chicken Noodle Soup

I love the look of this one from Lilly Higgins. Warm and nourishing, real comfort food.

22. Chicken Burgers

Grill a chicken breast, put it in a bun with ketchup, a leaf of lettuce and a tomato. Done.

23. Creamy Cajun Chicken

This comes from Louise Tattooed Lady with a Baby who suggests serving with pasta or rice, great to have a versatile dish in the repertoire. Recipe here.

24. Chicken and Chorizo Paella

This recommendation from Dublin Mummy looks tasty. Recipe HERE

25. Roast Dinner 

Serve it old school with mashed potatoes, gravy and veg. Delish.


What’s your go-to chicken breast recipe? I’d love you to share.

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  1. Some really great ideas here – always looking for some ideas for chicken breast dinners that everyone will eat (& dont take ages or 100 ingredients!!) Thanks Sinead!

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