22 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

It’s an Irish summer. If you’re doing a staycation this year you’ll need: your swimsuit; a warm fleece; suncream and wellies.

Rainy days are inevitable, that’s what gives us our beautiful scenery. Don’t let the weather spoil your holidays, embrace it. Remember that there are some activities that can be done regardless of the weather, just dress appropriately and off you go!  And when that’s not a runner retreat inside and keep the kids busy. Here are our ideas for rainy days during the holidays.

1. Set them a Lego Challenge

Sometimes  they get tired of free play so set a lego challenge, built the tallest tower you can that won’t fall over, or your dream house. For more Lego challenge inspiration check here.

2. Make some Slime 

It’s one of this year’s crazes, and with Dr How’s Ultimate Slime Guide you can see how to make different types of slime, which one rates the most highly and what household detergent makes the best slime

3. Bring them Swimming

You need to have a strong constitution for this one- the pool will be busy but the benefits are they they will be tired afterwards. For tips on bringing the kids swimming click here.

4. Bake

Do this early in the day if they are small, dress everyone appropriately, tie back all the hair and have some fun. Baking with kids can be very messy and quite stressful so choose something easy – these lemon slices are ideal or perhaps some strawberry lemonade. Let them enjoy the fruit of their labours then.


5. Collage

For kids old enough to use scissors, give them a few old magazines. a pritt stick, some card and a theme and set them about making a collage. For younger kids instead of trying to make a picture give theme a theme like “dream home” and som

6. Go to the Cinema

This is an obvious idea, which means everyone else will have done it too, so book your tickets before you go or risk disappointment

7. Visit the Museum

Museums tend to be indoors so are perfect as long as your kids enjou them. We loved the Natural History Museum, Cork Public Museum and Enniscorthy Castle.

8. Make and Do

Root through the recycling bin, give them some sellotape and let them play. NB AVOID GLITTER AT ALL COSTS.

9. Teach them how to cook a meal

Again this is age dependent, but think of the benefits, lunch or dinner is made and they know how to cook if for next time. My six-year-old loves making this pasta bake, so much so that we called it after him.

Cathal pasta bake

10. Make a fort with blankets and cushions

Old school. Let them hide out there and make yourself a cuppa.

11. Disco

Easy, close the curtains, turn up the music and dance.

12. Go to the Library

Libraries are a great place to hang out, sit in the comfy seats and read to your small ones, or let the older ones find their own books. In fact if you check out your local library’s facebook page  or website – (here is a list of all libraries and details of their websites ) you might find a cool activity for the summer – we’ve met wild animals in ours and had music workshops.


14. Pair odd socks “game”

Trick your children into helping with some very dull household chores by pretending they are games* *may not work

15. Dig out the Board Games

Yes, there will be fights, it’s inevitable, but what are the board games there for only to be played?

16. Photographs

Go through photographs online and choose which ones to get printed, then there will be no fights about why there are more of one child than another.

17. Go to the Amusement Arcade

Bring a lot of change, and set strict limits!

18. Make a Secret Special Box 

A what? Read all about it here.

19. Into the Woods

The woods has more shelter in the rain than most places so put on the wellies and get outside.

20. Assess local attractions for shelter

Here’s some ideas I had for wet day excursions that are local to me here in Wexford- list.

21. Go Visiting

Bring the the craziness to someone else’s house

22. Read to them

Even the big ones enjoy it sometimes. Let everyone choose a book and read.


And there you have it – 22 things to do on a rainy day and not one of them is bring them to soft play!

What’s your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?


  1. Bed !
    I wish you had met my mother before I was twelve!!

  2. Great list and badly needed for an Irish summer…. Going to the cinema – so good it should be done twice 😉

  3. Great list, I love that they are all real and do-able, sometimes these lists only suit certain climates or require a lot of money! And thanks for the inclusion 😉

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