The Unexpected New Craze in my House

Well the fidget spinner thing didn’t last long did it? Having broken most of theirs, them being banned in school and then getting bored (I know, who could have guessed) the fad has run its course. 

My kids have a new obsession. (They’ve probably gone off it while I’m typing this). It’s a very unexpected one, and the idea came from school. Again, unexpected.

Since our London trip the boys have rediscovered colouring (thanks to the motivation of an Easter hamper), and the new favourite pastime (when screens aren’t allowed) is these  colour by numbers sheets where the numbers are presented as sums.

They’re available in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and at different difficulty levels.

It’s called Coloring Squared and the website is HERE. 

So far we’ve only used the free printables but there are downloadable books available to buy too on the site and the boys are really enjoying themselves and even helping each other out with them! 

Would your kids like them? I was so surprised to hear mine fighting over who gets the next sheet. (I wasn’t surprised that there was fighting, just what it was about!) 

Coloring squared

Nothing to disclose 


  1. Brilliant. I’d never heard if this before. Thanks for sharing the website.

  2. Love this, thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my word, now HERE’S a craze I wouldn’t mind the kiddies getting hooked on! Will see how it goes! Thanks:)

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