Back to School and Holiday Picks with Marks and Spencer

I know, I know, they are only just starting the summer term HOW could I be writing a post featuring back to school? Easy, Marks and Spencer suggested a collaboration showcasing their back to school range. I didn’t need to think twice, as I am very loyal to them when it comes to buying our uniforms and have been since my eldest started school. However, to take a bit of the sting out of the looking at uniforms in April they also let us pick some favourites from  their summer styles for holidays. We got a good look at what’s there and have wishlists the length of our arms now, or at least Laoise and I do, the boys were relatively indifferent. I’m a big fan of M&S for the whole family, their clothes wash well and are hard wearing, they have realistic sizing and their kids’ clothes are designed for kids not miniature adults.

Here’s how we got on:

Back to School 


The boys’ school uniform is a grey trousers and white shirt, with crested jumper over it. M&S do many styles of trousers and we’ve tried a few of them over the years, but our favourite is the slim leg flat front ones. They’re easy to wear and unfussy for kids who would rather be in shorts or tracksuits, and they have an adjustable waist. They have the M&S Stormwear finish which makes them tough, and the crease stays in them really well. You can find them here.


Adjustable waist being adjusted

On the uniform front, it’s easy to recommend something that I’ve been buying for the kids since we’ve had school uniforms in the house. I toyed with other brands briefly but for the school shirts and polos in particular, in our house only M&S will do. There are a couple of reasons, firstly the velcro top button in the younger sizes of the shirts, secondly the adjustable cuffs, that just make getting used to such formal wear easier for kids, and thirdly, for some reason the shirts stay really white, I think they must be enchanted. I have even recommended these long before M&S asked me to collaborate see here. We’ve recently bought our first batch of proper shirts in the short-sleeved style and now the long-sleeved ones are getting abandoned by my eldest, regardless of the temperature, as they are cooler, in every sense of the word.


Too cool for school

The quality of the M&S uniforms really stands to them, the trousers fabric withstands whatever it is that my boys get up to in the school yard that leaves them covered in dust and with pockets full of stones and leaves.


Velcro top button on shirts up to age 8

M&S Boys Back to SchoolBoth boys wear  Boys’ Crease Resistant Adjustable Waist Slim Leg Flat Front Trousers with Triple Action Stormwear™
Cathal wears long sleeved shirt  Ultimate Non Iron Long Sleeve Shirt with Stain Away.
Ciarán wears  Easy to Iron Short Sleeve Shirt.

Another added bonus in the M&S school range is that they do school socks with the sizes printed on the inside and room to write the child’s name. Ideal for swimming day.
M&S- School-Socks-size-inside

You can view the full back School Uniform Shop HERE.

Holiday Picks

Of course rather than leave Little Miss who has no big school yet out of the equation M&S gave her a chance to try out some of their holiday wear. This created a problem. At almost 4 seeing so many beautiful things on a computer screen in front of her, well, overwhelmed her a little. She gave me direction and insisted on the white riptape sandals (that she declares are just beautiful) and they ticked my boxes too as they are a nice wide fit and sturdy, and for €22 you can really argue. Practical Mammy here chose a multipack of shorts and a matching multipack of t-shirts for her. The quality of the cotton is fab, and I love putting her in vibrant colours during the holidays.





The rest of the multipacks that she’s not wearing in the photo

She has a thing for dresses too so this long tie dye rainbow dress really popped out at me and she just adores twirling around in it, and the white sandals are perfect with it.


The boys wanted in on the summer action too, so they each got a pair of summer shoes and Ciarán chose this gorgeous blue polo shirt, that’s as dressed up as he will be all summer, with these denim shorts that look smart but are a very soft feel and elasticated waist and the slip on trainers really complement the outfit and get him out of his ratty sports shoes. Cathal’s navy velcro fastening shoes are a practical but cool looking style and are nicely padded on the inside.


And I make a point of making sure I am well kitted out too for a new year of school runs so I got myself grey skinny jeans  and a pale pink relaxed tshirt, which will be paired with the very necessary white trainers for the running from school to activities and will hopefully accommodate my constant lateness. The trainers are really comfortable (they have the Insolia Flex magic that I love in my work shoes) and look pretty cool paired with a summer dress too. They are a steal at €27 and they come in metallic and pink as well as the classic white that I chose.

The jeans are a revelation. I’ve worn M&S jeans for quite a few years, usually favouring the jeggings, but this time I tried the Everywear Jeans in a grey shade. They are high waisted not just comfy but they don’t fall down at all, perfect for travelling on holidays or for doing the dreaded school runs.





That’s just a selection, we picked up lots more bits too, including a beach dress for me, shorts and tshirts for the boys and very cute socks for Laoise. Keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram where I’ll share more of our M&S haul this week.
This collaboration was supported by Marks and Spencer and Shopping Links, all views are my own honest opinions and all photos are mine.


  1. I like the last photograph of Laoise Monroe the best.

  2. The sandals are fab! So cute and girly ❤

  3. The slim leg trousers are brilliant, definitely buying them again this year!

  4. Love your models! I didn’t realise that the M&S shirts had a velcro top button and I love the practicality of adjustable waists.
    Those summer trainers would be perfect for my boys, I will be popping in to my local M&S to take a look.

    And while I’m there I’ll also be checking out those jeans you mentioned!

  5. Have just done an online order for gear for the communion. Their girls’ dresses are fab and my little lady tried on those sandals in M&S on Friday! Might just have to add them to the order 🙂

  6. Love M&S for the sheer indestructability of their clothes for my boys. And they wash super. We don’t have uniforms for my lads but a lot of their everyday stuff comes from there. Love the holiday stuff you picked, off to have a browse now myself!

  7. Great haul! And great models!

    M&S School stuff is the best quality I’ve come across. Even though we’ve got a specific uniform I always pick up the bits we can customise from there and we’ve never been disappointed.

    But I refuse to think about back to school purchases just yet so in the meantime I am LOVING the grey jeans and might just have to pop in to have a try soon!

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