Week in Dinners – First of 2017

I’m not great at meal planning, or certainly not for the whole week, and I find when I do life throws curveballs. That’s why rather than sharing my meal plan at the start of the week (Like Life on Hushabye Farm’s fantastic Meal Planning Monday series) I share after the fact. My dinners rarely go according to plan so I don’t want to look like a failure or a very poor planner, I’m happy to share that everyone got fed.

I do this series sporadically, if you’d like to join in please do, I love seeing what real people really eat so share on social media too so I can see.

Here’s the first week in dinners I’m sharing for this year.


Pasta pesto

We use the Aldi fresh green pesto from the fridge, it tastes really fresh and everyone likes it. I threw baby spinach, red peppers and tomatoes into a small bowl and called it a side salad too. It’s a ten minute dinner that everyone loves.


Baked Ham with cranberry glaze, mashed potatoes, cabbage, carrots and croquettes and roast potatoes

The kids love ham (or pink chicken as the small girl calls it) and I had bought an extra jar of glaze at Christmas so we had very fancy ham for a random Tuesday. I steamed the cabbage and carrots and we had frozen croquettes and roast potatoes in the freezer so I threw them in the oven too. A roast dinner on a Tuesday is a great perk of working from home.


Baked Fish and Coconut Red Curry with Basmati Rice and Naan Bread

This was delicious – I saw a recipe on I Quit Sugar and modified it ever so slightly. Two of the kids ate it happily, the other enjoyed rice and naan bread for dinner.


Leftovers Night

I panfried three turkey breast steaks and sliced them and served them with leftover potatoes and vegetables from Tuesday’s dinner. I had beetroot and feta “salad” (ie the two things chopped up) with mine.  Not many complaints.


Meatballs and Pasta

We had meatballs with homemade tomato sauce that I cooked a few weeks ago and had in the freezer. I took it out of the freezer on Thursday night and cooked pasta on Friday night to go with it. I even added basil garnish to the adults’ portions.

Little Extras

On Sunday we had visitors so I made these Deliciously Ella Flapjacks- I used peanut butter and this meant that two of my children who don’t like peanut butter wouldn’t touch them.

On Wednesday between the school runs the small two and I made a double batch of Happy Pear Coconut Macaroons, these were a really popular snack all week as every liked them.

The verdict 

All in all this was a pretty good week in dinners, we had a veggie meal, a fish meal, a pork and a beef, and we tried a new recipe too. Everyone ate, that’s the measure of success 🙂

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