5 Healthy Treat Recipes to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

I have a sweet tooth (and if I’m being perfectly honest I probably have more of a sugar addiction than a sweet tooth but anyhoo).  When I am copping on and leaving the box of biscuits alone eating healthily (because we are not going to call it being “good” or being “bad”) I still like a sweet treat, and I can’t trust myself to have “just one” of anything.

That’s where these recipes come in. They are healthy, or healthyish, definitely healthier than this one. They are also tasty. When I say they are healthy or healthyish I don’t mean eat all the recipe in one sitting, but there’s more nutritional value than a Tunnock’s Tea Cake (my favourite)  or a packet of Toffy Pops. While many of the recipes say that they are “sugar free” they are more truthfully “refined sugar free” as most contain honey or maple syrup. I’ve tried and tested all of the recipes that I’m sharing, and

Chocolate Coconut Bites. 

These are fantastic with a cup of tea or coffee and if you close your eyes they’re kind of like a Ferrero Rocher. Very satisfying and super easy to make. Recipe here.




No Bake Twix Bars

These are more work than the recipe above, but they are absolutely gorgeous. My kids won’t touch them as the date caramel isn’t sweet enough for them, so I have to be a careful making them or I will eat them ALL. They do freeze if you need some portion control. Recipe here.


Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are easy, yes, they do taste banana-y and you need black bananas to make them, they accompany a cuppa great and I have been known to have a couple for breakfast (Sure all they are is bananas and porridge with a few chocolate chips like). Recipe here.




Coconut Macaroons

These biccies from the Happy Pear remind me of Jacob’s Polo biscuits that used to be in the green packet, I don’t know if they make them any more. You can add chocolate for extra deliciousness and to complement the crunch. Recipe here.



The Most Amazing (and Surprisingly Less Bad for You) Brownies That I Have Ever Tasted.

Emily at The Nest’s “Best Brownie Recipe” deserves its title. These are silky smooth, moussey, chocolatey amazingness, and they are full of veg. Usually my children will not touch anything that pretends it’s chocolate flavoured but is full of healthy alternatives (I give you any combination of raw brownies that I have ever tried, and I have tried many) but these were devoured. Find the recipe on The Nest here, and tell Emily I sent you.



Other Healthy Sweet Treat Inspiration

When  am looking for “healthier” baking recipes these are my other go-to sites:

The Little Green Spoon

The Happy Pear

Natural Born Feeder

Simply Homemade Blog 


Healthy Fit Bella 

See, you can make a slightly healthier choice and hopefully not go crazy and binge.


Don’t worry, once we get over this “New Year, New Me” buzz I’ll be back in a few weeks with recipes full of REAL sugar, and REAL chocolate like this one.

Or if you want to continue the healthy buzz check out my healthy snack ideas.


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