The Dinner Files – #4 Louise from Tattooed Lady with a Baby

This week on the Dinner Files we hear from Louise from Tattooed Lady With A Baby about her dinnertimes (click into her blog to see her gorgeous brand new blog header). Louise has one little boy Luke, who’s three, I love hearing what he’s up to as he’s very close in age to my Miss L. Over to you Louise.


Louise Tattooed Lady


Tell us about dinner time in your house

Dinner time in our house in not the way I imagined. Myself and himself work opposite hours usually, me days, him evenings so it’s usually just one of us with Luke for dinner time. We generally sit at the table in the living room, Luke has his own seat and table in there too. I do want to make more of an effort to sit together at the kitchen table when  the three of us manage to make a dinner time together.

How do you get dinner on the table in the evening?

We generally cook every dinner time unless Luke has been fed at his Nanny’s then we might heat something precooked up for ourselves once he’s in bed.

Do you meal plan or do you decide on the day what’s for dinner?

I usually meal plan and work my weekly shopping list around what we need for those meals, I find it prevents waste and saves on the shopping bill too.

What dishes regularly appear on your dinner table?

Chilli con carne and bolognese pasta bake are regulars in this household.

What dish is guaranteed clean plates all around?

A roast chicken dinner with plenty of gravy

Do you tend to cook the same thing a lot or do you try to mix it up? Where do you get inspiration for different dishes?

I try my best to regularly try a new meal, some weeks time doesn’t allow for that but I like us to have a variety. Although some of my dishes of choice are not shared with himself and Luke, they weren’t fans of my recent lentil and potato curry, I thought it was very tasty though. My mother has rows of cook books at her house so I take them for inspiration

What’s your favourite quick dinner solution?

Pasta with basil and tomato sauce, there’s usually a batch of that ready to go in the fridge

What’s your favourite junk-food dinner?

Pepperoni pizza and garlic bread

Do you eat the same as your kids?

Most of the time, I like to serve us all the same dinners

Are there ingredients or dishes that face complete refusals at your dinner table?

If there’s no meat in it, himself will usually not even look at it, Luke won’t eat mashed potato at the moment which mean nothing like a shepherds pie either and I rarely eat onions, unless they chopped up so small I can’t see them

Are there any adventurous meals everyone at your table will eat?

Not really, I’ll try different things, I love trying new things with lentils, chickpeas, quinoa etc but himself and Luke generally stick to the usual dishes we cook.

What is your own, all time favourite dinner?

My all time favourite dinner is garlic chicken Kiev with green beans and cheesy mashed potato.

Have you any tips to share on getting the family fed?

Letting Luke help with making the dinner usually means a successful dinner time for him or having a sauce of some kind for him to dip his food into, gravy, basil & tomato or ketchup on the side

Who’s washing up?

Whoever didn’t cook has to clean up usually

Thanks a million for sharing this with us Louise, I think very few of us have the perfect dinner-times that we thought we would have.







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