An Incomplete List of Morning Struggles My Children Experience

The morning is a struggle for the children of this house. Some more than others.

Despite being up (of their own accord) before 6am they face a series of challenges, some nearly insurmountable, many of which their inconsiderate parents just don’t seem to appreciate or give sufficient weight to. The children of this house have finely tuned communications skills and can get their points across very clearly, yet the parents appear to not fully comprehend the severe difficulties involved in mornings. Particularly weekday mornings.

In an attempt to address this problem I recently recorded a list of morning struggles that I witnessed first hand on a recent Wednesday (this is relevant as it is the only day that I do the morning routine and bring the kids to school).


*The list is incomplete, due to time constraints and whine volume, but it gives you an idea about our Wednesdays.*

Morning Struggles

  1. It’s too early to get up
  2. You should be up already Mam
  3. Too cosy to get out of bed
  4. Parents won’t let me jump on bed while they’re in it
  5. Need a hug
  6. Too much toothpaste
  7. Too little toothpaste
  8. The wrong toothpaste
  9. Someone touched my toothbrush
  10. Someone didn’t wash all the germs off their hands
  11. The wrong cereal bowl
  12. Someone sitting in my chair (is this sounding like Goldilocks was here?)
  13. The wrong cereal
  14. Too much cereal in the bowl
  15. Too little cereal in the bowl
  16. The wrong spoon
  17. Being asked not to practice tinwhistle at the breakfast table
  18. Uncomfortable socks
  19. The wrong clothes (“I only like stripy ones today not flowers”)
  20. Even more uncomfortable socks (Pair 2 rejected)
  21. Forgotten toys (for the school run)
  22. Missing blankie
  23. Even more uncomfortable socks (Pair 3 rejected, seriously)
  24. Why do we even have to wear uniforms anyway? (I suggested referring this one to the principal and it seemed to have died a death)
  25. Needing some TV
  26. Needing a bit more playtime
  27. Not being allowed to play hurling up the stairs. (Why did you even get me a hurl if I’m not allowed to play it)
  28. Not really wanting to wear clothes. (Any clothes)
  29. The wrong shoes
  30. Mammy not agreeing that they are in fact the right shoes
  31. Daddy just not understanding
  32. Being asked to hurry (FATAL error)
  33. Need a wee
  34. The fear of the wrong sandwich in the lunchbox (And stopping the sock selection to check the already in the schoolbags lunchboxes)
  35. Being given an apple in your lunchbox when you wanted grapes.
  36. Being given grapes in your lunchbox when you wanted an apple
  37. Having to get into the car and climb over a brother
  38. Forgetting to bring schoolbag
  39. My brother making me late (we are NOT late, yet)
  40. The wrong hairband
  41. No sunglasses (But it’s raining)
  42. Not remembering what day is today (Mammy only brings you on Wednesdays, how hard can it be to tell?)
  43. Forgetting very important snugglies (for the drive)
  44. There being school again tomorrow
  45. The wrong song on the radio
  46. There being traffic
  47. Being made bring a raincoat
  48. A sibling touching my carseat
  49. Why couldn’t we just have walked to school?

*Mother stops recording and starts mediating FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE- FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE*

Sound familiar?

It’s not all bad if you’d like to read about the nice part of our Wednesdays you can here.


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