Six Things That Say Me (Or Mammy)

“That is so YOU”. “I saw this and thought of you instantly”. “That always reminds me of you”.  Sometimes we form associations with things and they forevermore remind us of that place, or that time, or a person. Maud at Awfully Chipper wrote a lovely post recently about remembering her mother’s watch from her childhood and she wondered “What are my objects?” “What will my children think of when they think of me?” Fionnula at Three Sons Later had shared five things that say her back in February and I’d said I’d definitely join in her linky then too but the time ran away from me.

I wasn’t going to let this linky opportunity pass. So I thought, and I asked my children. (I was sort of relieved it was objects so that tones of voice or screeches or rants could not be listed). Maybe they’re too young to “get” the question, or maybe they were completely disinterested but their answers were entirely unhelpful. “You’re here I don’t need things to think of, I just see you”. “Um, your body and your face?”.

I expanded my research field and asked my sisters, they’re older, they’ve known me longer, but that wasn’t the assignment (They said prosecco, shoes, wrap dresses and flumps, all valid)

So, I’ve got to engage my clairvoyant side as I guess how my children will answer this in years to come. (I’m purposely leaving off my phone and laptop, because just because I can as I’m in charge).

My silver earrings

I have this earrings and necklace combination for years and only very rarely take them off. My husband gave me the earrings and my parents the necklace. I like it as it matches everything and wearing it makes me feel properly dressed. I hardly ever, ever take them out. Since they’ve a slight drop on the ball the kids have all gone through stages of playing with them.


My mug 

It’s white with duck egg blue dots and made of porcelain. My children question anyone else who dares drink from it, they’re more possessive of it than I am. I got it in Dunnes years ago, it used to have a sister mug that was blue with white dots but it was smashed broke. It does still have a stripey cousin mug but this one pleases me on all the levels. Especially when my husband gives it to me full of tea in the morning.

How could you edit that smile out?

The big orange knife

Any food being prepped gets the big orange knife treatment, it’s very sharp so the kids aren’t allowed to touch it, so I’m guessing that something out of bounds will be remembered.

My sparkly ring 

I’m raising magpies, they love my engagement ring (so do I), My middle boy asked about it a lot for a while, and wondered why Daddy’s ring wasn’t sparkly so we told him a story fit for his then four year old mind, and he repeats it to this day. “Daddy loved Mammy so much that he ask-ed her to have a wedding with him and that’s how he got her the sparkly ring for a promise”. Every now and then when he looks at it or twists it on my finger he’ll absent-mindedly comment “doesn’t Daddy love you lots” as he looks at it.


Mammy’s bag is a perceived treasure trove, the kids expect it to be full of everything they need in all eventualities, including an endless supply of snacks, drinks and entertainment. They’re all quite amused by my “inside out” bag which is reversible. I adore it, and can see it being my bag of choice for the foreseeable future.


That is NOT my couch, it’s from the mobile home in Italy where I bought it.

My wooly hat

I have two wooly hats that are interchangeably omnipresent in Autumn and Winter, both cream wool. I’m not sure that the kids realise there are two. This hat does the school run but also features in most photos of me as we adventure on beaches or in the woods. I’m hoping it’s the childhood adventures that seeing a hat like this will remind them of.


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