What's Everyone Eating? Week in Dinners 2016 Linky Round Up

Way back in February I ran a week in dinners linky. Lovely bloggers contributed and shared their dinners. Then,  I forgot to do a roundup, even though I noted my week’s dinners that week on my Notes app in my phone nearly three months ago.  Sorry everyone.

Dinners are pretty seasonal, but I think most of these ones that we had that week in February that meant to blog still work at this time of year.  I have no idea where the photos are at this stage, but your imagination will help. (Sorry)

Week in Dinners


Monday: Donegal Catch Haddock, mashed potatoes, frozen mixed vegetables. This tasted amazing as my husband was home from work that day and he cooked it and had it ready as I came in the door.

Tuesday: Sweet and Sour Pork.  Ever since Life on Hushabye Farm shared this recipe for sweet and sour pork I get intense cravings for it, and as for the accompanying yellow rice, amazing.

Wednesday: Chicken Burritos. The kids love chili con carne, but get tired of mince and tinned tomato dinners so I tried to use the same flavours with chicken and without tomatoes, with great success.

Thursday: I had a smoked salmon omelette with side salad, Kids had pasta pesto at their minder’s

Friday I ate out. Kids had meatballs and rice at their minder’s.


Here’s the roundup from the other bloggers that took part, thanks so much everyone.

Fionnuala from Three Sons Later gave us an insight into her dinner in Germany with her three small boys, and introduces us to “kalt” as a handy tea that I will definitely be adopting.

Simply Homemade  is always a great blog to check out healthy recipes for all the family, so I was delighted that Nicola shared her week in dinners. It’s also good to hear about recipe fails as well as successes, had a delicious seafood meal and tried a couple of new dinner dishes with varying results, and a good mix of fish, meat and vegetables.

Office Mum  is settling nicely into her role as Head Chef at Home and despite her protestations that she is a distinctly average cook she showed that she can produce an impressive week in dinners for her family. I’m earmarking the red curry and the chicken and roasted peppers dishes to try out on my crew.

One Yummy Mummy shared her week of homemade dinners, both family dinners and a grown-ups only jamaican chicken that I am going to have to try too, lots of ideas, and healthier ways to make your favourites.

Kat from View from Zany Mountain also joined in her first every linky to share her week in dinners, like me her motivation dips in the middle of the week, but a Friday night chicken chasseur and glass of vino rounded off her week perfectly.

Elizabeth from  Life on Hushabye Farm is well used to my threats to come move in with her in her beautiful house with her delicious meals, and this week’s dinners that she shared another slice of life at the alpaca farm show just why. Read them here.


Thanks so much to everyone who linked up, I really hope I’ve listed everyone here, but if I’ve forgotten your post please, please message me asap to tell me.


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