Books for Toddlers We Read So Often That They Fell Apart

My kids really love books and I encourage them to read and look at them all the time. That means leaving books accessible to them so they can just help themselves. It’s lovely to watch and see my two-year-old “reading” her favourites to herself and getting most of the words right. Some books they just keep going back to, and on a recent tidy of the kids’ bookshelf I noticed that some of our favourite copies were getting very tatty. 

What better recommendation for a book, than that it’s falling apart from being read so much? Here are the ones that are in absolute bits from being loved so much.

Goodnight Moon

This book almost sends me to sleep, it’s so quiet and it’s gentle rhythm is soothing. Our second copy is now falling apart, I will probably buy a third as I don’t want to be without a copy for the nights that they feel like hearing it, although we do all know it by heart.


We’re going on a Bear Hunt

Swishy swashy, swishy swashy. This book is great from about 9 month as it’s repetitive and has lovely noises to make within the repetition. The ending is also hilarious if you’re 3 or 4, with all the family ending up hiding in bed after they do find the bear. Copy 2 is wrecked. I often give this one as a gift.

Dear Zoo

Another one that many small people have received from us over the years, all the lift the flaps books are favourites, this one, since it has a lesson to teach to the demanding child who begged the every patient zoo for pets, like, cop on asking for pets from the zoo appeals to parents of demanding children everywhere. Although *SPOILER* the spoiled demanding child does get a puppy in the end. A great addition to every toddler’s library.

That’s Not My Puppy

The words don’t make sense, but the satisfying noise of scratching puppy’s tongue and squishing puppy’s nose made this a favourite. (and it’s friends That’s Not my Dinosaur, That’s Not My Bunny and That’s Not My Teddy). Suitable from birth.

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