A Week in Dinners #3 2016

Week Three, still cooking, still eating. Here’s this week’s exciting as always week in dinners.



Monday night is quick dinner night. We had meatballs which I cooked on Sunday night with homemade tomato sauce from the freezer and wholewheat pasta. Every ate all they were given.




Tuesday is my work from home day so I tend to put dinner on on my lunchbreak and we have something made that day. Today it was chile con carne, a real family favourite, and possibly the most requested dinner in my kitchen.  The kids like to eat it in wraps with rice. I added avocado to mine. (Yes, I know red minced meat a second day in a row). Since it was Shrove Tuesday we had pancakes with lemon and sugar and nutella too. Every Shrove Tuesday I resolve to make pancakes more often and then forget. Hopefully not this year.



In further attempts to have the kids eat more fish I made salmon nuggets (or goujons I guess). The kids will usually try anything as long as it’s breaded, so I chopped some salmon fillets, dipped them in flour, egg and toasted breadcrumbs, put them in the fridge for about an hour to firm up (in fact I left them while we were at swimming)  and baked in the oven at 180C for about 12 minutes. I served them with steamed green vegetables (which one child ate) and mashed potatoes, and I mixed some lemon juice into mayonnaise and added parsley for a delicious dipping sauce. (The kids used plain mayo and ketchup). I’ve craved this a couple of times since. Definitely on the “to make again” list.



I ate at lunchtime (chicken breast and rice and roast veggies that I brought in with some more red sauce that I mentioned last week) and had a glorious sausage sandwich for tea. The kids brought something I can’t even remember to their childminder, in fact, given that I had a sausage sandwich I reckon that they had sausages and mash, and the one who eats vegetables had vegetables too. Not a patch on mine though. I buy Aldi Specially Selected sausages, they’re really good and have very high meat content. MMMMMMMM. Bet you want one now!




The kids had meatballs and rice from the freezer in their childminder’s. Yes, meatballs twice in one week. I have no idea what I ate but I know it wasn’t anything especially memorable as I had eaten a veggie moussaka thing in  work at lunchtime. Possibly hummus and crackers. Or biscuits and gin.


This week we also made: 

Where Wishes Come from Granola: We’ve started making this the last few weeks and it’s so simple and so good. Where we fell down with granola recipes before was that they were too fancy, full of stuff the kids wouldn’t eat, they’re not great with nuts or seeds at all. This one is simple and adaptable, we usually add flaked almonds and some dessicated coconut. It’s so nice they wanted to bring it to Granny’s with them.

Weetabuddies. I finally gave in and photographed their weetabix characters, they’ve been pestering me to do it for weeks. We even uploaded them to the website like they ordered me to. This is Cyclops, Ciaran made him. He’s not that friendly looking is he?

Ciaran's one

Ciaran’s one

Natural Born Feeder Raisin and Walnut Bread

I got a copy of Roz Purcell’s book to review (review and giveaway already overdue at this stage). I tried this raisin and walnut bread recipe from the book and the kids laid into it. We’ll definitely make it again, it’s full of ingredients we always have in the house.

The Week in Dinners…


Meatballs two days, but still got the fish in. Not bad, considering. The weekend brought hangover thanks to a friend’s 40th across the country, so we’ll see what level of organisation I manage to hold together this week! Wish me luck!

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The linky is still open, I’m going to do a roundup post the first week in March where I link back to all the linky posts, and I’d love some more entries. I’m not looking for amazing photographs or fancy meals, it’s about real life food for real life people, what people actually eat, not just what we aspire to. So if you want to join blog your post, share using the #weekindinners on social media and link back using the image above.


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