The Real Reason We're Late 

In the middle of the morning rush yesterday I had a rush of clarity. Somewhere between putting socks on and finding waterbottles suddenly everything became clear. 

We often find ourselves in this position, rushing to be somewhere at the necessary time.

I can list any number of reasons why we are late to any event.

The usual sort of reasons I guess.

  • The kids wouldn’t get dressed
  • Someone spilled a box of cereal/carton of milk
  • Uncomfortable socks
  • Missing uniform parts 
  • Someone needed a wee
  • The wrong coat
  • Taking 40 minutes to put on a pair of socks
  • Dawdling
  • Someone wanted a hat
  • There was only one glove
  • Someone doesn’t like that coat any more
  • Someone went missing to be found behind the couch playing DS
  • Someone left their schoolbag in the house
  • A missing shoe
  • A forgotten note


discarded , uncomfortable socks

But today,  I realised  in that moment that the main reason, that we are (often) late going to school or going anywhere.  

It’s me.

 Yes, I’m what makes us late.

I’m the adult here. 

It’s up to me to know my kids and their idiosyncracies. To know that some days it’s the seventh pair of socks that are comfy, or that last minute toilet trips or toothpaste covered jumpers are to be expected. To know that some people need to wake up (very slowly) and ease themselves into the day.  

I should know this and plan accordingly. I’m the one who’s managing everyone’s time.

This revelation might change me.

Armed with the knowledge of why we’re late I can’t shout at the kids to hurry, they were up before me. It’s not their fault.

It could mean that I get up fifteen minutes earlier and we have a calmer house in the morning. Or I might just resign myself to being late and hit “snooze”. 

Now that I know I’m to blame, I know I can do something about it. And some days I can just suck it up and roll over. Sure they expect it now.

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