A Week in Dinners #2 2016

Another week, another week in dinners, and slowly but surely I’m upping my game I think. Writing things down means I think about them more, and we eat a more varied diet as a result.


Pick and Mix Pasta

Easy concept, boil pasta, take anything you could conceivably eat with pasta on the table, and make sure there’s sprinkly cheese. Let the kids serve themselves. It’s quick and easy. We had broccoli (well I had), lardons (not enough there were fights), cherry tomatoes fried on the same pan as the lardons with some minced garlic, olives, red and green pesto, feta cheese. The kids even split their plates in half to try different tastes. And everyone was happy. Check out my post on Pick and Mix Pasta HERE.




Chicken and Rice One Pot Wonder. 

It’s tasty, they ate it, it was so good I blogged it HERE.





Bolgnese (from scratch, usual Rachel Allen recipe that I’ve used for years) with wholewheat pasta, taken from the freezer the night before and reheated after swimming while the pasta was cooking. Another day made easy by the freezer stash.




Kids: Pasta pesto at their childminder’s, I guess you could call that a veggie day?

Us: Smoked salmon, maple sweet potato fries, avocado, feta, Roz Purcell’s red sauce (you’ll find it on this post of hers, it’s so simple and so tasty). I loved this dinner, and it fealt so healthy.



Sole Goujons, mashed potatoes (frozen),  peas, sweetcorn 

Homemade Fish Pie from the freezer- (there was enough for three people, and two people don’t like it so that worked out well)

I’m on a we’ll eat fish once a week mission, this was an easy introduction.




Chinese/dinner out

I went out with the girls, so Dad and the kids got Chinese takeaway, they were delighted telling me about it. I had very nice things too thanks, risotto, and prosecco.




I was a little hungover, the rugby was on, we had visitors for the match who needed feeding. I made Slow Roasted Shoulder of Pork and served it with homemade BBQ sauce, undressed coleslaw with apple and beetroot, avocado, more Natural Born Feeder red sauce, lettuce, spinach, a choice of white or wholemeal bun, mayo, oh and homemade oven chips and maple sweet potato fries. It was a FEAST and we had loads of leftovers for lunches mmmmm. AND  we had the chocolate cake that we made on Friday evening for dessert. Savage Sunday.

The Week in Dinners…

Veggie check, fish check, not too much of the same except for pasta three days out of seven, but it was WHOLEWHEAT pasta. A happy foodies week. This gives me a pass to eat terribly this week, but there will definitely be pancakes on Tuesday.


Other stuff we cooked this week 

I’d a busy cooking week, you might have seen some of it on instagram (username is bumblesofrice) or Facebook bt here’s a summary.




What did you eat this week?

Would you like to share your week in dinners? it doesn’t have to be fancy or inventive, it can include way too much red meat like this one, or things out of packets, or takeaway. The purpose of week in dinners isn’t just to provide dinner inspiration, or to satisfy your curiosity, it’s here to let you know that we all have weeks that we don’t eat as well as we’d like, it’s honest, real-life, dinners.

If you want to join in, either email or facebook message me or if you’re a blogger and want to play, why not blog your week in dinners, use my week in dinners logo above and I’ll do a round-up post the first week in March linking to  everyone that did share theirs with the logo and link back to the blog.

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