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It’s back! The  “Week in Dinners” series  has always been pretty popular on the blog but I often forget about what we’ve eaten or just forget to write it down. We can all get a bit stale on the dinner inspiration and what the kids will actually eat.

Sometimes I feel like we eat the same thing all the time, or rotate a very limited number of dinners, and sometimes when I look back on what we’ve eaten the previous week I see that we have been very heavy on one food or another, due to lack of planning and necessity. I’ve tried the last few weeks to plan a bit better, and have taken special requests on board too.

So, here’s last week’s “Week in Dinners”, I seem to have taken very few photos, I must have been hungry!



Chili con carne made on turkey mince, from the freezer

Monday the kids have activities after school so they eat at home, and are starving, so it’s something very quick or something that just needs reheating. The three of them love chili con carne, but are suspicious of turkey mince. The recipe is very simple and makes a very mild, child friendly chili- finely chop an onion and 1-2 cloves garlic and fry with the beef or turkey mince till it’s cooked add 1 tsp mild chili powder, 1 tsp cumin, 1 tsp ground coriander and a pinch of sugar, a tin of tomatoes and a tin of kidney beans. The kids love to make burritos themselves by spooning their chili and rice into wraps and sprinkling with cheese. I like mine with extra fresh tomatoes and avocado.


“Fastest Lady Chicken”

On Tuesdays I work from home, which usually means an oven dinner that I put into the oven before I collect the kids, or something I can prep at lunchtime and heat up when they come home. This week it was, by special request “Fastest Lady Chicken”, without the basil as the plant on the window died and I forgot to replace it. I served it with brown rice.


Photo from original blogpost, with basil and white rice


Wednesday is currently swimming day, and two ravenous boys arrive in requiring immediate feeding. There can be no hesitation, food that they will eat needs to be available in minutes. This week it was Bolognese (made that morning) with pasta twists. I’ve used the same recipe for years, nothing else tastes quite the same.



Moroccan Chickpea Cakes

On Wednesday morning I made Moroccan Chickpea cakes (recipe from Donal Skehan HERE)  and left them in the fridge overnight. I served them with tzatziki from this recipe HERE and salad on Thursday night, to the adults. The kids had more bolognese with wholewheat pasta I sent to their childminder and toast when they got home because they were starving.



Lentil Bolognese Fail

I defrosted Deliciously Ella lentil bolognese that I made over Christmas,  then ate a big dirty burger instead. Sure, it’s Friday like. (By the way the lentil bolognese is lovely but about two-thirds of one tube of tomato purée is plenty.)

The kids had meatballs and mashed potatoes from the freezer that I sent to their childminder’s.

Way too much red meat this week for them when I look back. I think we’ll need a few veggie days this week to make up for it!


What did you eat this week?

Would you like to share your week in dinners? it doesn’t have to be fancy or inventive, it can include way too much red meat like this one, or things out of packets, or takeaway. The purpose of week in dinners isn’t just to provide dinner inspiration, or to satisfy your curiosity, it’s here to let you know that we all have weeks that we don’t eat as well as we’d like, it’s honest, real-life, dinners.

If you want to join in, either email or facebook message me or if you’re a blogger and want to play, why not blog your week in dinners, use my logo below and I’ll do a round-up post the first week in March linking to  everyone that did share theirs with the logo and link back to the blog.

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  1. Ah, I had heard about this famous linky of yours several times. I will be joining!

  2. Will have a gander at this. Cripplingly uninspired at the moment. I blame the beast of January.

  3. Ha, I’ve blogged this before but there’s no real secret. I do have some “feed your family” tips I’ll do up this week or next.

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