Review: Irelandopedia – a book for all ages 

Gill and MacMillan sent me two very different books to review for Christmas, the first was Irelandopedia by daughter and father team Fatti and John Burke. (More about the second later in the week).

I loved this book from the moment I saw it, the graphics and illustrations are really striking and it’s beautifully designed. Even the feel of the book is luxurious. 

What? Irelandopedia by Fatti and John Burke, a quirky book with facts about Ireland, listing each of the 32 counties and some great facts pages like this one about the weather:

the one on the left is slightly less grey


Each county gets a double page, with lots of interesting facts about the county. I was delighted to see my beloved Hook Head featuring on the Wexford page, and Westlife in Sligo’s. The book is unusual and quirky and anything but repetitive, the facts from county to county aren’t the same to compare but instead genuinely interesting ones, listing things to do, famous people from the area and sayings of the county. 


Who? It featured on the toy show and while it’s marketed at kids at by delighted to receive it myself. I learned lots and remembered/refreshed a lot more. Anyone living abroad at any age would find this book a lovely reminder of home. 

How much? Around the €20 mark, it’s widely available in bookshops.

Would I buy it? Absolutely. 

Is it worth the money? Definitely.

Disclosure: I received this book free to review from the publishers but wasn’t paid to do the review, and all opinions are my own. 

Special request- this is only half the Donegal entry

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