What These Women REALLY Want For Christmas (2015)

My “What These Women Really Want For Christmas” feature was really popular last year so I thought I’d go back to the same wonder-mother bloggers who gave me their wish-lists last year and ask them what they’d like this year. The ruse must have worked on their loved ones last year as every one of them was happy to send me on their most-wanted gifts for 2015.

So, without further ado, here’s the Bumbles of Rice “What These Women Really Want for Christmas” 2015. This is a list by real women, with a variety of interests so there’s a really good spread of ideas, so read, get inspiration, and start adding these items to your own wish-list!


Sadhbh from Where Wishes Come From

First up this year is Sadhbh from the very beautiful (and it really is beautiful it even won the most beautiful blog at the Irish Parenting Blog Awards 2015) blog Where Wishes Come From  where she writes  about celebrations, shows us crafts and shares snippets from life with her twin girls.

Here’s what Sadhbh has to say:

Sadhbh's picks 2015

I’m a big fan of American artist Tuesday Bassen and you’d be pretty safe buying any of her products for me but I really would adore one of these custom patches for $10 (here’s the other one). I don’t mind which one because put the same thing on both: LSD…. yes… “everything sucks except LSD” (1)


It’s the initials of my daughters and hubby!

(2) I’d really love a cute denim jacket to sew my cool new patch onto. This one from Asos is a little pricy at €80 but I think I’m worth it… also it’s cosy looking… so I could claim that it’s practical too… maybe…

Sticking with the cosy theme, and at the more reasonably priced €25.90 are these gorgeous suedette slippers from Accessorize. I have constantly cold feet but these look like they might just do the trick to sort that out.


Andrea aka Office Mum

Andrea, the one and only  Office Mum  has had a big year, she’s left the office for a freelance writing job, based at her kitchen table. Her pieces are popping up all over the place, she’s making a great go of it and definitely deserves everything on her wishlist. Here’s what she’d like for Christmas:

Andrea's picks 2015 (1)

This simple, classic, navy shopper (1) is on my wish-list – my six-year-old says I have too many handbags but when she grows up, she’ll understand that you can never have too many handbags. It looks really good in real life too – I’ve been stalking it – and it’s only €37 from Oasis.

To contrast with the sedate navy bag, I’ve included something from the blingier side of my wish-list – a “timeless elegance” Pandora ring (2). There’s nothing practical about this gift, but if it’s in my stocking on Christmas morning, it will make me very, very happy. €69 from Pandora.
Back to more sensible presents; I’m also hoping for these bunny pyjamas from Next (3). I got something like these last year and I love them – the fabric is gorgeously soft, and the quality feels much greater than the €26 price tag.
Every year, my sisters and I do Kris Kindle, and send each other wish-lists. This year on mine, I put “a good book”, which is singularly unhelpful. So if my sister-KK is reading, I’ll narrow it down now – I’d love to read The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton, which by all accounts is wonderful.

Laura from Dairy Free Kids

Laura from Dairy Free Kids, THE blog for anyone who has kids with dairy allergy intolerance, (and not just my blogging friend but my real-life-before-we-even-had-blogs-friend) has these suggestions:

Laura's picks 2015

Dressing Gown (1)– I love getting new nightwear for Christmas.  I would love a new dressing gown to replace a my very (very!) old one. Perfect for lazy days over the Christmas holidays! (The one pictured is from Marks and Spencer).

Tangle Teezer – a funky hairbrush designed to make it easy to detangle hair. Would love one of these! Widely available from chemists (2)

Wireless Headphones – I’m hoping to start listening to music more often, used to be my favourite way to relax, and need to get back to it. I feel like a pair of these will help! (3)

Google Music or Spotify Voucher – see above – hoping to get back into listening to music.

Elizabeth from Life on Hushabye Farm
Elizabeth from shares her life with her husband, four children and a herd of alpacas. She tells all about life on Hushabye Farm in County Offaly on her beautiful blog, showing her flair for cooking and telling of life how it really is, with honesty and sentimentality at once. You might recognise her as “The Reluctant Farmer” from Irish Country Living.
Over to Elizabeth:
Elizabeth's picks 2015

Top of my wish list is a night way with himself (1- photo of random hotel room) …preferably with some theatre tickets thrown in, this was my gift last year and it was fab, matinee tickets to The Walworth Farce which allowed for a night in Dublin, with a theatre outing but still enough time for a potter around the city, fancy dinner and cocktails…what’s not to love!

Next on my list would be a set of Limestone outdoor lanterns (2) …I just love these ones from Town and Country in Athleague ( I love everything in this shop!)

Any item, from the least expensive to the most, from Ardmore Pottery, would be gratefully received. I adore their stuff and their cups are to die for! (3)

Lastly I would love a new decoration for our tree, every year we buy something new for it and much of the joy of putting up the tree comes from looking through the decorations and remembering where and when we bought them…simple, inexpensive but priceless in ways.


Helen aka The Busy Mama

True to her blog name Helen, the Busy Mama has been busy crafting, cooking and moving house this past year, and this very much reflects her 2015 wishlist:

Helen's picks 2015

It’s the year of a new house – and a realisation that all our furniture is crap! First off I’d love a vintage coat stand for the hall. Then I’d like someone to teach the kids how to use it! They’re readily available in salvage yards and antique shops for about 50e. Yes – that has been pointed out to hubby. No – he will not have taken the hint. (1)

For a something small and fabulous, I love Laura Mercier’s L’Heure Magique perfume (2). I wore if for our wedding day seven and a half years ago and it still gives me goosebumps. A 50ml bottle costs 79e in Brown Thomas – and is worth every scent. If you’re going for broke the shower creme and moisturiser are equally amazing.

My crafty wings these days has been clipped by house painting and other jobs. I always find time to check in with the fabulous Purl Soho blog though and this year I’m in love with their mega chunky Big Little Dandelion Garter Blanket (3). This is the stuff of wish lists as the yarn costs $530 and a needles a whopping $160! I think an Ikea throw is more in the budget that this – but a girl can dream!

As a gadget addict it wouldn’t be Christmas without a new gizmo. I’ve had some homemade ice cream disasters in my day so I’d love the Kitchenaid Icecream attachment (4) for my stand mixer. It retails from Debenhams, Brown Thomas etc for about 100e or is available on Amazon here.

Lucy aka Learnermama and founder of csectionmums.com

Lucy’s tagline for her blog Learnermama “because Mother Nature didn’t leave a manual”  always makes me smile, and this year she’s also launched a great new site for c-section mums, called csectionmums.com. Here’s what Lucy would love for Christmas:

Lucy's picks 2015

  •  Manicure

As I sit at my computer each day looking at my poor nails I realise it is months since they had any professional attention.  For me a professional manicure (1)  is a real treat and something I reserve for special events.  I think my last manicure was a 2 week manicure for my daughter’s communion last May.  A voucher for a 2 week manicure that I can do without any reason but to treat myself would be lovely.  My local beautician does 2 week manicures for €20.

A Family Planner

I love notebooks and making lists so each year I lust after a new notebook or planner.  I would love a really nice family planner.  I love this one from Organised-mum.co.uk  (2) as it ticks all my boxes: it is hard back and ring bound which seems to be a really hard combination for me to find.  It also allows space to keep track of everyone in the family on any given day as well as space to write to do lists.  This particular planner is available to buy online for 14.99 plus delivery but any similar one would be a welcome gift.


If someone is going to splash the cash on me I would love a nice stereo or sound system to put in my kitchen.  I love listening to music and while my TV has radio I don’t tend to put the TV on to listen to the radio.  I love this stylish View Quest one which retails around €180 in Harvey Norman. (3) 

ME aka Bumbles of Rice
What I really want for Christmas is some peace and quiet, maybe a whole hour of it, alone. But that’s not really in the Christmas spirit and I’m not sure what link to send people to buy it, so I’d settle for babysitting vouchers.  Or any of these things on my always very long list, that is now added to thanks to my lovely blogger friends showing me all the lovely things that they want too.

My Christmas picks 2015

Here’s what I’m thinking:

1. Since the summer i’ve been obsessed with these New Balance 420 Runners. OBSESSED. Originally I wanted the black/cream version and now it’s the grey I covet. They’re lovely but also very practical and stylish and sure the grey will match EVERYTHING.

2. A random kitchen thing: My friend has a toaster that also boils and/or poaches eggs. It’s deadly, I want one. I don’t care if it sounds like a gimmick, she has great taste and recommends it, it would definitely have me eating more boiled eggs or poached eggs for brekkie, and that’s got to be good.
Check it out here: Tefal Toast N’ Egg Toaster (2)

3. Kitchen Pretties: Local treasure trove A La Campagne here in Gorey always has really pretty but practical storage tins, I got some as a surprise last year and think some more wouldn’t go astray, my favourites are the Katie and Alice brand ones. (3)

4. Jewellery: I love shiny things and love Irish company Betty and Biddy’s costume jewellery is just gorgeous, or for something more extravagant there are a few Links of London necklaces I have my eye on, like the one pictured. (4)

5. Books: I’m trying in vain to cut down my cookbook collection and freed up a lot of space on the bookshelves a few months ago, but this means that technically there is room for more so this year I’d love  some healthier ones like Deliciously Ella,  Jamie’s Superfood are on my list or Irish ones like Susan-Jane White’s Virtuous Tart and Neven Maguire’s latest and then there’s the new Irish Japanese Cookbook from Irish blogger Fiona Uyema that’s got to be healthy and exotic at once.. Like Andrea I’d love “a good book” and Belinda McKeon’s Tender is on my list, I loved her debut novel Solace. Christmas isn’t Christmas without a good book.



Thanks a million to my blogger buddies who contributed to this post, make sure to check out their lovely blogs. Hopefully our lists will have given you (and yours!)  inspiration.

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