Are you ready for Dinovember?

Last November we copied the internet started a new tradition in our house. Our toy dinosaurs came to life every night and got up to a lot of mischief every night for the whole month. Read all about our very creative dino-inspirations HERE.

I admit there were many nights where we considered giving the dinosaurs a night off, due to exhaustion/lack of imagination but the boys’ faces every morning when they discovered their toys’ nocturnal adventures made it all worthwhile.

The dinos have been quiet since last November but they congregated on the dining table last week and I expressed a concern aloud that they might be making some plans for next month. However, my wise seven-year-old advises that it’s highly unlikely since Dinovember only happens in houses where there is a four-year-old as that’s the boldest age of all and considering there are no four-year-olds in our house this year we are safe. I’m not sure he’s right though, seven, five and two year olds have their bold moments too.

And these lads look like they are planning something this year, so brace yourself and get ready for Dinovember, a month that will bring a little magic and mischief into your November.  No toy dinosaurs? Find a reason to buy them this week in the €2 shop so that they are well established and know their way around the house by the time November comes!

Here’s a slideshow of our Dinovember 2014, you might like to use some of the ideas. We found that the messier they were the more the boys loved it and I’m confident Miss L will be the same this year.  A word of warning,  be careful of the T-Rex, our lad was trouble!

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