Our Favourite Kids' Books: The Underwear Edition

When you are five years old  there are certain things that are beyond hilarious. The funniest things in the whole world, guaranteed to get a giggle. In our house, once of those things is the word “knickers”, and “underpants” comes a close second. (Farts, poos and wees feature high on this list too).

With this in mind the kids’ bookshelves are populated with many underwear-related books.



Our absolutely favourite is The Pig’s Knickers. Granny happened on this in a bookshop and knew that Cathal would just love it, and she wasn’t wrong. The other two find it funny too, it starts with poor Pig feeling unremarkable but then he comes across a glorious pair of spotty knickers and wears them and his confidence soars. A sad ending in the form of a hungry goat befalls Pig’s Knickers and poor Pig is distraught. Naturally, as is the way in kids’ books lessons are learned and there’s a happy ending which involves a bra, queue uncontrollable giggles, have you ever met a bra in a kids’ bedtime story before? Brilliant. (My favourite part of this book, and my very mature seven-year-old’s too is the expression on Goat’s face after the incident, check it out).

Next up in in running order is Ants in Your Pants! a tale that starts with a party being planned by Leopard, but  Aardvark isn’t invited. Aardvark is pretty oblivious however, as he’s busy eating ants. Speaking of ants, Leopard messed with the wrong crew by not inviting them to his hooley and they are so  put out that they plan an attack. The air is full of colourful underwear as the stricken animals try to cast off their ant-infested underwear, and Aardvark and his sister save the day with their appetites.

Dinosaurs Love Underpants is next. I admit, this isn’t as loved as the other two, but containing both dinosaurs and underpants it’s preferred to its sister book Aliens love Underpants. We’re a dinosaur house, not an alien house. This book has dinosaurs, wearing underpants, fighting. What’s not to love?

Have you any other underwear-related book recommendations?


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  1. My kids share the exact same sense of humour 🙂 You should chcek out Dragon stew – a bunch of Vikings go looking for adventures. It has a lovely rhyme.
    In the house we call bras ‘boob patches’!

  2. We bought The Pigs Knickers on your recommendation…..huge hit! Abbie loves it 🙂

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