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I am long on record as not being a fan of washing up. At all. I have even rated recipes based on a “washing-up index” (lots of washing up = bad score).

It’s a pretty joyless diversion really, the washing-up, it’s wet and messy and sticky. The dish rack is always full, or so it seems, and there’s always a pile to the right of the sink of dishes waiting to go into the dishwasher or to be washed themselves.

I hate it. I hate the pickled hands, the food residue, all of it. I also hate scraping plates for the dishwasher, the smell of the dishwasher when you open it before you put it on, and emptying the dishwasher. I’m lucky really though as anything my dishwasher can’t manage my live-in dishwasher (aka husband) usually volunteers to take care of (I think it’s a quality control thing, my washing up is not up to scratch tee hee)

Recently, (not that recently though, in fact ages ago, this post is way overdue) Finish sent me a pack of dishwasher products to try out.


They smell nice and work well, especially the Apple Lime one (doesn’t it sounds like a great cocktail?) but alas I still have to do all the horrible dirty-dish-related jobs that will only be alleviated by (1) aforementioned live-in staff or (2) the environmental no-no of only using disposable plates and cutlery. I guess option (3) would be to only ever eat out, but that would require a lotto win, and sometimes you just want tea and toast at home.When Finish contacted me I also asked them if I they could teach me how to load my dishwasher correctly and they kindly sent me this video which you might find helpful too.

However, this strategy from the Oatmeal really suits me better. (I’m the one who’s learning not teaching in this comic strip). Read it HERE.


Finish have also offered a second dishwasher pack for readers of Bumbles of Rice  which contains the same products that I received:

  • Finish Rinse Aid Lemon 400ml
  • Finish Performance Enhancing Dishwasher Salt 2kg
  • Finish Dishwasher Cleaner 250ml
  • Finish Quantum Max with Power-Ball, Apple Lime Blast x 40


To enter the competition click on the Rafflecopter Link below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Competition closes on 26th October. Part of this giveway is hosted on facebook but it is not associated with facebook. UK & Ireland residents only. The prize will be provided directly by Finish. I did not receive payment for this post but received products to try for myself (and my dishwasher).


Good Luck


  1. Big sigh. Dishes. Sigh.

  2. Hoovering because I have mobility problems it can be taxing

  3. I HATE cleaning the bathrooms!!

  4. cleaning the bathroom

  5. Ironing I hate it

  6. Hate cleaning the bathroom as gets the muckiest

  7. Ironing

  8. Cleaning the bath, hate it x

  9. My least favourite has to be hoovering!

  10. That would be stripping the beds & having to make them up again

  11. Cleaning the oven.

  12. Ironing !!!

  13. Ironing

  14. Cleaning the oven – hate it!

  15. Ironing, i hate it

  16. Hate dusting most xx

  17. I hate cleaning the oven

  18. hate cleaning the toilet.

  19. Has to be cleaning the oven

  20. Ironing luckly with four boys I very rarely do any.

  21. Margaret Clarkson


  22. I don’t like ironing so my husband does it.

  23. I loathe ironing

  24. cleaning the toilet

  25. Hate cleaning fridge and oven (is it crazy that I would opt to do toilets over them?)

  26. Least favourite task is cleaming the bathroom

  27. I hate cleaning the toilets!

  28. steam cleaning the bathroom

  29. Washing the dishes

  30. Windows! Always see a smear!

  31. Cleaning the bathroom.

  32. My least favourite chore is doing the dishes, mainly due to the frequency I seem to have to do them 🙂

  33. Catherine McDonald

    Hate cleaning the oven

  34. Cleaning the bathroom

  35. I hate cleaning the windows. I do try and put it off for as long as possible!!

  36. I hate cleaning the windows always seem to get a smear no matter what I use 🙁

  37. i hate cleaning the bathroom

  38. I hate cleaning the bathroom – its a thank less task in our house!

  39. Ironing…God I hate it!

  40. cleaning the oven

  41. I dislike putting the clean clothes away…I always seem to have baskets full of clean washing that never gets put in the drawers or wardrobes!

  42. cleaning the oven

  43. Cleaning the bathroom

  44. cleaning the oven

  45. I detest ironing!

  46. Dishesssss

  47. cleaning the windows

  48. Cleaning the bathrooms x

  49. i hate cleaning the fridge its a real pain

  50. Cleaning the oven, closely followed by ironing. x

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