Ballycross Apple Farm – Autumn 2015 Visit

We had our annual autumnal visit to Ballycross Apple Farm at the weekend, so here’s a little update for this year.

You can read all about last year’s visit HERE.

The good news is that admission hasn’t changed since last year, it’s €3.50 per adult, €2.50 per child or €15 for a family of 2 adults and up to 4 kids. There’s also season passes available if you’re local.

There are new Fairyhouse Workshops, we didn’t partake but info is HERE.

The maze and animals in the courtyard were still enjoyed, and there were more animals in the walkway area. There’s animal feeding in the afternoons too but we were a little too late.

The crepes are very good but can take a while, (Top tip: ask for an extra plate and order one between two for the kids, if not it’ll cost a fortune to get one each)

Last year we were very impressed by the pumpkin lined woodland trails, and were a bit disappointed this year that they weren’t pumpkin-lined (OK, I was the kids didn’t notice) but instead there was a very cool “witch’s house” on the yellow trail near the pumpkin patch. There are woodland trails with lots of conkers on the ground (or in my pockets now) and you can walk through the orchards and see the trees laden down with apples, as well as wandering around the pumpkin patch. Beware of the witch’s house or you could end up in the cauldron!

ballycross witch house

ballycross witch house2

The Pumpkin Ride this year was done on the tractor, although I think the horses do them some days. It costs an extra €1 each to sit up on the hay trailer and ride down to the pumpkin patch where you can pick your own pumpkin and pay for it in the shop. The kids love the ride so it’s worth the €1, and we weren’t charged for Laoise who’s 2.

There are tractors in the courtyard near the maze, the boys spent ages flying around on these (I forgot to take photos) while we drank our coffee in comfort on the outdoor decking and Laoise wandered in and out of the playroom, and dragged us to see the bunnies and horses. For some reason she was terrified of the donkeys!

We spent ages drawing on the large outside blackboards too, what do you think?

The now annual trip to Ballycross is looked forward to by all and doesn’t disappoint, especially when you come home with kilos and kilos of apples and litres of apple juice from the farm shop.

We detoured on the way home to Kilmore Village (turn right at the exit and follow signs for KILMORE not KILMORE QUAY) and we ate in Mary Barry’s pub. I’d highly recommend it for both the food and the child friendliness. Try not to leave your handbag behind and only realise when you get to Wexford on the way home though.


This is not a sponsored post and I wasn’t asked to review Ballycross Apple Farm. We paid our admission and for everything we bought.

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