Our 9 Favourite Family Dinners 

Dinnertime conversation in our house is, well, low brow.

It’s punctuated with spilled milk and requests for ketchup. I went through a phase of asking the kids what their favourite meal was to distract them from how much they hated whatever was on their plates at that moment so now, when there’s a (rare) quiet moment Laoise will pipe up “Mam, what’s your kind of?”  It took me a while to realise that she means, “favourite kind of” dinner.

So we start the conversation again and we take it in turns to list our favourite dinners. What wonderful blogpost material!

Here are our current favourites, many feature in 21 Dinners (most of) my kids will (usually) eat too, and they are ALL eaten by ALL of the family, a very important fact.

1. Spaghetti Bolognese

The old reliable, the recipe I use is similar to this one but I don’t use pancetta usually.

2. Quick Coconut and Basil Chicken 

A relatively new addition around here, still called “Fastest Lady’s Chicken”the kids remark how yummy it is while eating. We serve with basmati rice.

Image: Gill & MacMillan

Image: Gill & MacMillan

3. “Pork with pineapple” is Sweet and Sour Pork‘s name in our house (anything with “sour” in its title would never have been tasted). This is a great recipe we got from Life on Hushabye Farm, nothing like Uncle Ben’s, full of fresh flavour. Try it. RECIPE HERE.

4. Courgette carbonara or just carbonara without the courgettes.

Quick and easy, and oh, so tasty. Recipe HERE.

5. Pick and Mix Pasta


So quick, so easy, and a favourite.

6. Chili  con carne – Daddy’s speciality, and great for the freezer, we all love it, usually served with basmati rice, although there’s been a trend lately to put it into a wrap.

7. Chicken and broccoli bake

Since I made the proper one with cream this has gone down really well again- recipe here.


8. Meatballs with homemade tomato sauce

We buy the meatballs readymade and I make a very quick tomato sauce, much like my quick tomato soup without the stock, sprinkle some grated cheese and serve

9. Sausages and mash – sure we all love it, and the kids will tolerate not just beans but sometimes even vegetables, or some of them will, I love a side of mashed carrots and parsnips myself.

I’m sure we’ll continue the dinnertime questions, and if there are any new entrants I’ll keep you all updated.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for dinner inspiration check out the Week in Dinners category under FOOD above  especially ALL the posts that you’ll find by clicking on the blue frog on THIS POST fro21m 23 different bloggers so you get to see what 23 different families ate for a week.

And if anyone fancies sharing their favourites drop me an email and share them too.      .

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