A Spiderman Party for a Five Year Old Superhero

We’ve had two birthday parties in this house (Yes, actually in this house, our attempts to outsource either one this year were met with derision) in the last two weeks. There have been many, many small boys and girls running and bouncing around the place (and off the walls).

I won’t do the usual thing of going “time flies, where have the years gone?” (But, OMG how do we own a seven year old? SEVEN like? and is it really five years since those big brown eyes first met mine?) There goes that resolution.

In a turn up for the books I’m going to show you the second party first, Mr Cathal our second born had to struggle through the eleven days between his big brother’s birthday and his (which in fact is tomorrow), he had to watch presents being opened and listen to a party being planned so at least on the blog his birthday comes first. He won’t know this, the truth is that I feel like blogging this one since it happened today, last week’s Super Mario Brothers party is a long distant memory).

Cathal loves superheroes, he enjoys dressing up as them and playing with them, so it was no surprise that said that he wanted to have a superhero party to celebrate his fifth birthday.

We talked about cakes,  remember, it’s tradition in this house that you get to choose your own cake and it’s Mammy’s challenge to make it, unless you choose the shop-bought Peppa one that Cathal so wanted for this third birthday. His cake for his 4th birthday last year was one of my favourites that I have ever, ever made. (Curious? Check it out HERE).

We had a little look on Pinterest, then I managed his expectations and we settled on a cake in the shape of the number 5 but with Spiderman effects.

Here’s the finished product:  My cakes are always clearly “home made”, you will probably do a better job. When I realised my skills were going to get in the way of my perfectionism I let Cathal help me decorate. (Do you want to know how I made the cake? Comment below and I’ll probably share the recipe and method)

We had a vague Spiderman theme then, which in our house translates to using the right colours. We had a Spiderman tablecloth and plates (Tesco), Spiderman oversaw the food (thanks for the Spiderman figure Uncle Niall), Spiderman made an appearance in the shape of a birthday boy (thanks for the costume Auntie Grá).

We made marshmallow treats with “spiderman colours” (I got the big sprinkles in Dealz and the smaller red ones in Tesco), the kids love adding the sprinkles, I hoover afterwards.

We had a Spiderman fruit platter (squint and you’ll see him), another Pinterest find.  Cathal loved making this with me.

And I always, always make 2 dozen buns (fairy cakes) with icing for every birthday party we host, and we decorate them appropriately.  Cathal spooned 12 of these into the buncases himself, he loves getting hands on with the baking (and licking the spoon too!). This year we used both blue and white icing with the red and blue sprinkles above, I also used some Dr Oetker red writing icing to draw webs on a couple of the buns. (I’d intended to do this on more but it was hard!)

We had our regular party treats too, Malteser Slices, cocktail sausages, crisps and dips, popcorn and jugs and jugs of juice, but we felt we were spidery enough without trying to make EVERYTHING webby too.

Thanks to everyone who came and wow, doesn’t time fly 😉 Happy Birthday Mr Cathal, my little (but nearly big) superhero.


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  1. Ha I love the spidey fruit platter!

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  3. Wow Sinead, it all looks great. My five year old wanted a Batman birthday this year but we changed it to a general superhero birthday in the end because I couldn’t find any Batman decorations, just Spiderman ones. He still loved it though.

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