My Kids' Picks on Netflix for August 


I admit it the kids of this household weren’t that easily converted to Netflix in the beginning. The remote for the Apple TV combined with the actual TV was too complicated, their favourite pirate wasn’t on, it just wasn’t right.

Then, they started to realise that there were some really good kids’ programmes on Netflix, and suddenly the older one has mastered the use of two remotes to get to the programme of the hour. These days the only reason they end up watching TV that isn’t Netflix is that they’ve lost the AppleTV remote. Again.

Their current favorites are:


This new Dreamworks Netflix exclusive is a dream programme for a small child, based on the adventures of creatures that are half-dinosaur half-truck. The boys were glued, and fought over the Dinotrux goodies that Netflix sent us.

Lego Ninjago

Ninjago parents will know that it’s like a foreign language listening to small children discussing Ninjago. I confess to a very minimal knowledge, not for want of being told about Lloyd’s updates, but because I save that part of my brain for stuff I want to remember. They love this.

Peppa Pig

When you are  2 Peppa IS TV. Small girl only cares for Peppa and will present the remote to us and suggest sweetly that it’s Peppa time. We only recently discovered that Peppa is on Netflix and this has made her demands more frequent.


Sponge Bob Squarepants

It’s noisy and silly and loved by the smaller boy in this house.

Powerpuff Girls

Also noisy, but the fact that my boys want to watch a programme with girls in the title sells it to me.


King Julien

After we went to King Julien’s party the boys bonded with him and they cackle with laughter watching his antics, it’s all a bit of fun, with the odd political reference thrown in for the parents.

Wild Kratts

This was a big favourite on TV here and they were thrilled to notice it on Netflix. Parents should watch too, so as to avoid looking like idiots in front of their children when they ask “basic” wildlife questions. Ahem.

Dennis the Menace
I would love to ban this as well, Dennis is a Menace and a brat, but even the small girl requests it so who am I to argue, it’s allowed for nostalgia reasons.
What are your kids enjoying on Netflix lately?
Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and received a Netflix subscription and an Apple TV in return for posting Netflix updates and reviews, however, all opinions are my own, and I already had a personal subscription before joining the Stream Team.

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