Things That Make My Life Easier: No. 2


When I wrote a couple of weeks ago about this thing that makes my life easier I promised a series, so here’s part 2. It’s equally mundane, but again, it helps in the little struggles of everyday life in my house.

Anyone with kids close in age but with different sized feet will know the fighting and giving out over whose socks are whose.

If the socks are the same size it doesn’t matter but a child who has uncomfortable socks on, too big socks that don’t fit in shoes and are annoying, or too small socks that are tight and scratchy, is a whingebag. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and heard it with my own ears.

Pairing socks is a pain too and with drawers full of stripey socks I forget who owns which, any error resulting in an uncomfortable sock tantrum in the morning, or the mocking of my sons as they point out that the blue-and-green stripey ones are Ciarán’s, it’s the green-and-blue stripey ones that are Cathal’s.

One day I bought these socks from Marks & Spencer without knowing their amazing secret. *Cue fanfare* they have the size printed on the inside. Simple. Genius.

I know who owns which. And I know when the socks are actually too small for the child. (Don’t go getting helpful now and suggest that I could have the same results by should sew a different colour thread into each sock, that is not going to happen around here, unless you volunteer to do it for me.)

So now, with these 5 pairs of socks, life is made easier. I just need to order some more of them one by one and replace the blue-and-green stripey ones.

“Size 12.5 – 3.5” beautiful.



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  1. I am also a huge fan of size printed on socks.We have some from dunnes with sizes.

  2. Oh I need to find a girl version! We have major sock issues here. Now I leave it to the kids to argue it out between them and I pretend I can’t hear them.

  3. Gets worse with boys when they grow into men. Stripes and colours don’t matter anymore-at all- nor even who owns them!
    Problem solver- your own sock drawer.
    Problem solved? You must be kiddin’!
    Now they know where they can get a regular – and washed -spare supply.
    Worse still-your socks graduate from their spare supply into THEIR socks.
    Only for the varicose veins I’d wear tights!
    (When you get really old you’ve got no shame left- comfort is the yardstick!)

  4. Brilliant. I seem to have become a fan of absolutely anything that saves me timecleaningcryingwork of any description since Austin was born. Following these tips for the future!

  5. I’m dreading trying to track down the right socks for my daughter now that she’s got black ankle uniform socks. Could well be time for the needle and thread.

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