Break a World Record with the Kids this Weekend in Duncannon


The Sandsculpting Festival is an annual event in my hometown of Duncannon. Ever-inventive the organisers of this year’s event have a world record attempt planned for this Saturday at 2pm on the beach.

Imagine the kudos for your kids writing the inevitable “My School Holidays” essay in September to be able to say to say “I broke a world record”.

What record? Saturday’s attempt on Duncannon Beach is the world record for the most sand angels being made simultaneously. Instructions will be given on the day how to perform this task, which can be attempted by all ages. We need at least 400 people on the beach on Saturday to break the record so if you’re in the area come on down at 2pm and join in, you might even make history, and a place in the Guinness Book of Records!

Wondering what it means- check out this clip of the record we want to break being set.

Here’s what else is on over the weekend for the festival.




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  1. Sounds like great fun – the Sand Sculpture festival is always great for the area – may send Mam and Dad down to take part with E in tow while we’re off at a wedding! Hope the weather holds out for it!

  2. Would love to take part, busy Saturday afternoon though. 🙁 Might check out more of the festival over the weekend though. Good luck with the attempt if ye taking part! 🙂

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