19 Reasons Why It's Perfectly OK Being Home In Rainy Ireland in July and Not Still on Holiday 


It’s July, technically summer but here on the western fringes of Europe it’s 13 degrees and raining. 

We are just back from holiday, our first trip abroad in three years (more about that in later blogposts). 

Earlier this week in Italy we had temperatures of 35 degrees so we’re finding it a little hard to adjust. 

To make things easier I’ve made a handy list of reasons why it’s perfectly OK to be back home in Ireland in a wet and unseasonably (and unreasonably  cold July.
1. I know how to dress for Ireland in July. 

suitable attire

2. We don’t have to reapply suncream to three children three times a day.

3. Or mosquito cream to three childrenonce a day.

4. The kids aren’t asking “is it ice-cream time” every four minutes approximately.

5. Sure flip flops aren’t comfy anyway, there’s no support in them.

6. The melting point of an Irish person is 28 degrees.

7. Wiping sweat off your stomach is gross.

8. No need to worry about doing my bikini line til next year.

9. No staining my favourite top with suncream.

10. I don’t like the smell of citronella candles.

  11. I’m tired of pizza.
12. I brought my beautiful new leather handbag home with me. (It cost €30, I’m in LOVE).


Handbag Love.

13. We don’t have to run the air conditioning in the car for five minutes and check that the buckles aren’t too hot to close before we strap the kids in.    

14. There are no arguments over inflatable pool toys. He grabbed this (the best one) and RAN.

15. No chance of getting horrible itchy mosquito bites. The feckers love me.

16. No more bumping my leg off the corner of the bed in the mobile home in the exact spot of my sorest mosquito bite. 

17. A shrug of shoulders isn’t considered an acceptable response if you ask a question at an “information point” in Ireland.

18.  I can use the washing machine whenever I like and don’t have to carry clothes across a campsite to do it. (OK, I’m struggling, time to end the list).

19. It’s home. 

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