How to have a stress free plane journey to your holiday destination with kids in tow

How to have a stress free plane journey to your holiday destination with kids in tow (or not)
1. Pack everything the night before. No last minute looking for chargers that seem to have disappeared overnight. (ahem)

2. Don’t wear your runners you bring with you in case your dodgy back is sore and you need to wear them but they’ll surely put your luggage over weight if you pack them (see below) you’ll be too hot.

3. Bring that extra pair of flip flops that you debated but ultimately removed from the suitcase as they will be the only thing your feet want to wear when you arrive. 

4. Weigh your luggage at home to avoid panicking about being overweight in the airport (your bags, not you) and being charged a mortgage payment for the privilege of bringing that extra pair of shorts or €3 bottle of shampoo.


5. Drop one adult (preferably not you) with most of the children and all of the luggage at the airport rather than carting the kids and luggage on the bus. The other one (preferably you) gets to drop the car and take one child (max.) on a bus ride from the car park with only hand luggage.

6. Avail of the special assistance/ family lane in security, great initiative Dublin Airport. Best. Queue. Ever. Everyone has kids so nobody is growling at yours.

7. Don’t decide that you need to buy something from Clinique and something from Boots and something from WH Smith before you get the kids something to eat and have three excited and hungry children begging for comics that cost more than your holiday, and refusal costs a tantrum or three.

8. Get the kids something to eat before you get on the plane. But not somewhere that offers Scooby Doo paper crowns as there will be an argument when you explain that they can’t come on the plane.

9. Do not bring a bag like this as hand luggage. It hurts. My poor shoulder.

10. Do not bring books for you in your unsuitable hand luggage because (a) they are heavy and (b) there is zero hope of you getting to read them.

11.  Make it to the gate in plenty of time.
12. Board last, the kids will be bored before takeoff if you go on too soon.

13. Keep all the snacks nearby.

14.  If you treat yourself to a cuppa do not leave a sachet of milk (who knew that milk could come in sachets?) like this that you thought was empty on the tray on the plane


15. Do check that the lid is on your hot tea before you drink it on the plane. (See a theme?) 


16. Bring spare trousers for yourself in your hand luggage. (Lesson now learned)

17. Bring colouring.

18.  And sticker books.

19.  And electronic devices.

20.  And snacks. 

21. But don’t let the kids see the snacks as they will want them all immediately. (amateur)

22.  Remember that a plane journey is a part of life, and life is sometimes stressful but works out OK in the end. And the plane journey will have an end too. 

For more actually helpful tips on surviving a plane journey with small children you might find this post helpful- Link HERE.

Have a great flight! 

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