Barefaced Beauty and Makeup Magic: How to look human on three hours sleep

I went to an event recently where there was a talk about “must-have makeup”. I listened to a list of products being recommended for the school run and it was then that it truly hit home that despite wearing makeup most days, I know very little about it and rely on friends to show me cool new things (thanks J.) Also, I didn’t have most of the products that were must have. Including concealer!

I always look pretty OK though, I think. (If not, dear readers please stage an intervention and send ALL the products and someone to apply them daily or hourly as required).

When I say OK, I think I pass for human anyway, once the face is on. Looking human on three hours sleep, especially if you have other adult-sized humans to interact with is no mean feat.

Here’s how I do it. (if you’re wondering how I really DO IT, like the working, child-rearing, commuting, blogging and stuff you can read all about that HERE)

This is me sharing what I do, so that you can share what you do and we can all aim to look human together. Maybe we’ll learn something, maybe we’ll think “hey, we’re beautiful we don’t need any makeup at all”, maybe we’ll bring down the beauty industry, or maybe we’ll find the ultimate concealer. Who knows?

Here’s as much as I know about makeup. (As I type this I realise that I don’t even really know whether you write makeup as one word or hyphenated “make-up”, my spellcheck likes both). It’s barefaced. Like my dinners, honest, true to life etc.

My makeup bag

My everyday school run makeup “look”

I only do the school-run one day a week. On good skin/running late days I’ll go barefaced (this is a new, brave step for me) or lob on some BB cream (a cheap one), my magic mascara, and um, that’s it.

BB cream: Currently Essence, previously Maybelline, I have no strong allegiance.

Mascara: Clinique Lash Power. This is an amazing every day mascara for an eye-rubber like me. Nobody will think that you’re wearing false lashes but you’ll look more awake. And it genuinely doesn’t smudge. And here’s the fantastic thing, it comes off with hot water on a cotton pad (or a facecloth in the shower).

Eyeliner: Eyeliner makes you look awaker, FACT.  I love the No. 7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes one. It’s hard to mess up.

Lips: Vaseline


My work day/three hours sleep and need to look human makeup “look”

I need to look human most work days. So I wear foundation, blusher, eyeliner (top lid only), mascara and whatever lipgloss that’s in my bag.

Foundation: I wear Estee Lauder Double Wear in Fresco. I realise that I have been wearing this for over ten years so it’s probably time to go get a more “illuminating” (I learned that word t the make-up demo) one.

Blusher: To quite literally put a bit of colour in my cheeks, my current one is a Catrice (aka cheap as chips) one.

Mascara: See Above.

Eyeliner: As Above.

Eyebrows: If they’ve gone invisible between tints I use Gimme Brow from benefit that Dani from Lilliwhite Rose (a real life beauty blogger) introduced me to in the airport on our Netflix trip. It’s like eyebrow mascara and makes a big difference.

Lips: Usually a nude or berry coloured No 7 or Rimmel. Not fussy.

Concealer: I bought a concealer yoke, a rip off of Touche Eclat that I used to buy in Duty free in the ’90’s. I don’t really know if it works, sometimes I think it just draws attention to the worst bits. I occasionally use it under my eyes.

My kit

My kit

My “going out” “look”

Going out doesn’t happen often enough to have a whole other look so I go with all of the above with eyeshadow too. Look away now beauty experts, I use an eyeshadow crayon from No 7. It’s quick and easy and very like the Bobbi Brown one my friend got me to try. Add some extra blusher and eyeliner on my bottom lid too. If it’s a wild night I might wear a brightly coloured lipstick.


Barefaced beauty linky



Since I clearly need to learn a lot about makeup I thought I’d open it up to other bloggers to join in. (In fact, I suggested to some of my Irish Parenting Bloggers colleagues that I’d be doing this linky and they helped come up with lots of names for it which I disregarded as they were too rude. Although I was very tempted to call it “thank fuck for makeup” because one blogger whose contribution I would love said she’d join in if I called it that. However, I felt it wasn’t especially on-brand for Bumbles of Rice. Sorry for depriving the world of her contribution.

So, if you’re a blogger who’d like to join the link grab my badge above for your post, (unless you really hate badges or my design, then just link me in your post please) and add your link below by clicking on the blue frog. If you mention me in a tweet I’ll retweet your link, and likewise if you use the hashtag #barefacedbeauty.

Please do join in and share/confess your beauty secrets or advise me what I’m doing wrong. Or offer me a free makeover.

If you’d like to read all the links click on the blue frog too.





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