Belfast, Birthday and Sparkly Shoes- My First Little Loves Linky

I’ve been reading posts from the Little Loves linky for a while and keep meaning to join in, so I decided that this week it would happen. It’s a lovely straightforward post linky with a little update of our week, the headings set out by butwhymummywhy who hosts it.

Here’s my attempt.  

I fall at the first hurdle with zero reading apart from emails and facebook. Except I did read a copy of Red Magazine, which I used to love, but somehow this issue seemed to mock me. Like recommending this (admittedly lovely) white shirt that costs £155 for breastfeeding. Reality check required, it’s white, has fiddly buttons and is white. And costs £155. It shouldn’t even be in the same room as a baby! My half-read copy of Nora Webster remains on my bedside table. This linky will hopefully push me to finish it.

I took the train for a work trip for the first time in a long, long time. I watched the world between Dublin and Belfast go by in peace and quiet (until the man who sang Country and Western songs to himself sat behind me)


Sparkly shoes! 
I was in Belfast visiting family on Saturday (I know, twice in one week!) and did a bit of a spree for the kids in Sainsburys, the quality of their clothes is so good and they have lovely bits and pieces. I’ve been looking for black slip on canvas shoes for ages but any that I tried on weren’t comfortable so I was thrilled with these ones I picked up for £16.

…whispers as the kids plotted giving my birthday gifts and sweet voices sing “Happy Birthday” before arguing over who could blow out my candles. Yes, it was my birthday, I turned thirty nine and I ate cupcakes. I’m good with that. 
Carbonara – our quick dinner of choice. I didn’t have any courgette so just went with the classic version, cream free.
Not a lot of cooking done this week, I tried a recipe for raw brownies that was good but not amazing, and we had a lovely carbonara dinner on Wednesday using this (cream-free) recipe but left out the courgettes in favour of a big bowl of salad (SO, SO GOOD)

I also blogged a recipe for Creamy Chicken & Broccoli Bake that I made a few weeks ago, a very popular family dinner here.


It was an amazing week to be Irish. We made history and became the first country in the world to legalise same sex marriage by popular vote. Young people travelled home from abroad to vote and the result, a resounding yes  shows the world that in Ireland we believe in love for all.

Fancy joining in?
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