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You may have noticed many, many mentions by me across all social media channels of the Irish Parenting Blog Awards and our great night out a few weeks ago. Well, at the night out we got a fantastic goodie bag from the sponsors of the awards. The most sought item in the bag was undoubtedly the Lottie doll which was contributed by Mykidstime.

Lottie Dolls are a more realistic roll model than your average pink haired eight-feet-tall-with-no-waist-and-boobs that children often go for. (Said pink haired rockstar doll arrived to this house at Christmas, her feet are weapons, pointy and sore).

Instead of rockstar Lottie the Lottie dolls are age appropriate reflecting the bodies of real girls, children’s bodies. (plus their feet are not at all pointy).

When I opened the goodie bag and revealed the toy my three kids were watching. I was giving it to them to share, the target market being children aged 3-9 years. The moment I revealed the shiny box my not-yet-two-year-old daughter jumped up and claimed it “MEEE IT FOR MEEEE GIVE MEEE NOW”. (Note: Lottie isn’t recommended for under 3’s as some small parts may be a choking hazard. Try telling our toddler that.)

She spent the next hour demanding Lottie be opened, and brought her for walks around the house, readjusting her bag. “SHE HAVE ME HAIR” (I’m shouting because I’m trying to reflect the volume of an excited toddler). My small girl got it, Lottie is a girl like her. Lottie was easy for her to hold and carry as she’s more child-sized, and softer than other similar dolls. After a bit the boys wanted in on the action and there were tears as Lottie was shared. She is a hit.

Our Lottie Doll is a Lighthouse Keeper. What this means to my small girl is that she has a lovely hat, we put the hat on and off many times. We eventually discovered that the handbag fitted really well when worn cross body. The little accessories are very cute, and you’d be happy to put your own child in them, unlike the mini-skirts and bikini tops owned by the pink haired one.

Lottie is a breath of fresh air. She’s a toy, made for children, that adults are happy to let them play with, she’s wholesome. The range of dolls is great, there was some great bartering on the night of the awards as mummy bloggers swapped dolls, the Robot Girl and Karate ones were in high demand.

Apart from her body shape Lottie Dolls aim to give good messages to girls, that Lottie can stand on her own two feet (unlike Barbie who needs help to stand, flat feet are a big bonus). Lottie Dolls come in a variety of skin tones and have lots of diverse interests. I just love the names of the dolls, who doesn’t want Stargazer Lottie or Fossil Hunter Lottie in their lives? But with all the right-on gender neutral stuff there are still some traditionally “girlier” dolls like Rockabilly Lottie who wears a cute bow in her hair and a blue tutu. (Seriously, all their outfits are so cute!). You can also get accessory kits, ranging from a football kit to a blue velvet dress with sparkly cardigan.

Lottie is lovely. Kids love her, parents love her, she wins awards and people write nice things about what a good role model she is. What’s not to love?

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Fossil Hunter Lottie. Love the magnifying glass


Scooter accessories pack.


Football kit


Karate Girl!

Some of the selection of Lottie Dolls and accessories available from


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Disclosure: I received one Lottie Doll free to review if I wished at the Irish Parenting Blog Awards. I did not receive any payment for this review.

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